Precious (Irfan Avdic) Bosnia Herzegovina

Irfan Avdic
Bosnia Herzegovina.  2018.  27 min

Seventeen-year-old Alem desperately wants to go on a school trip to Italy, but he doesn’t have the money.  An orphan, he lives with his grandmother and has no cash for extra expenses.  If he could find the necessary funds, he’d no longer be the pitiful kid who’s always the worst off; instead, he’d be on a par with his richer classmates. And so Alem – whose coarse exterior hides a young man suffering from a sense of inferiority – decides to solve his eternal poverty through one dangerous act. In Precious, director Irfan Avdić demonstrates a knack for capturing minor situations that, although unimportant for some, are cruel and painful for others.


Irfan Avdić • Director de Precious - Cineuropa

Irfan Avdić (1991, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Yugoslavia). Filmography: I Only Came to Use the Phone (2013, short), Brainless (2013, short), Making Movie (2014, short doc.), Fuck You (2015, short), Today I Died (2016, short), Precious (Majkino zlato, 2018, short).


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