Asandhimitta (Asoka Handagama) Srilanka

Asoka Handagama
Srilanka.  2018.  98 min

A renowned filmmaker receives a mysterious call from an old college mate in the middle of the night.  Asandhimitta, whom he recalls as a large and voluptuous woman, asks him to make a film based on her life.  She then confesses that she was recently involved in a triple homicide of three women and is taken into custody shortly afterwards. Intrigued, the filmmaker attempts to piece together her fragmented story for a film while Asandhimitta herself awaits her fate in a local prison.


Asoka Handagama is considered as a leader of the third generation of Sri Lankan cinema.  Studied Mathematics at the University of Kelaniya.  He obtained his MSc in Development Economics at Warwick University in 1995. He is also the Assistant Governor of the Sri Lankan Central Bank. His films such as This is My Moon(2000), Flying with One Wing (2002) always tend to explore new forms and narratives.  Amiens International Film Festival, paid tribute to Asoka Handagama for his contribution to development of independent cinema in Asia, at its 33rd edition.  His latest film Let Her Cry is his eight full-length feature.




Asoka Handagama :