Kilkis, the Town of Owls (Azlarabe Alaoui) Morocco

Kilkis, the Town of Owls
Azlarabe Alaoui
Morocco.  2018.  97 min

The Town of Owls is an isolated residential community situated in the High Atlas Mountains. It is inhabited by families and guards of a secret political prison camp, which remained out of history for a long time until the early 1990s.  Guards spend their long days back and forth between the secret prison and the village, through a suspension bridge built upon a deep valley that connects the village with the fortress prison.  The story is about people from different places with dissimilar destinies, yet coalesced together by a common fate that makes them realise that the Town of Owls is in fact a titanic prison in which everyone, including guards and residents, are held detainees.


Azlarabe Alaoui is Moroccan script writer, producer, and film director.  He has a Ph.D. in visual writing. He is a professor of film directing in many academic institutions and is the president of the Centre of Film Studies and Research in Cinema in Morocco. He is also the director of two feature films Androman. Blood and Coal (2012) and Kilikis. The City of Owls (2018). He has produced 50 documentaries since 1998 including more than 20 documentaries for Al-Jazeera Documentary channel and a lot of television films and documentaries for the Moroccan television. His films won a myriad of national and international awards. He wrote a variety of critical articles and his book Critical Approach to the Visual Discourse in Morocco was published in 2017.  Furthermore, he gives several professional workshops on film directing and documentary making in Morocco and abroad.




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