Kia & Cosmos (Sudipto Roy) India

Kia and Cosmos
Sudipto Roy
India. 123 min.  2018

Kia is a 15-years old girl diagnosed with autism and who lives with her mother Diya, in South Kolkata, since her father passed away a couple of years back succumbing to a massive heart attack. One day, Cosmos, a neighbourhood cat, suddenly dies awakening Kia’s curiosity of investigating the cause. Diya coaxes unsuccessfully her daughter to forget the death of Cosmos. In one of the investigative ventures in her own house, she chances upon a few letters with her name written on them. They were from her father and Diya had concealed the truth from her daughter for all these years. Her father was alive and Kia was decided to look for him. Kia tackles every hurdle to find her way to her father. A postal address was all that she had. Why did her father leave them? Will she reach her father?


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Sudipto Roy is an Indian writer and director. Having worked as an International Travel Journalist, with a career that spans across a decade and the world’s most celebrated and quaint cities turning muse his heart lies in story-telling and films. With the keen ear of a guitarist, two very well received short films under his belt and an enviable experience in working with veterans of Indian Cinema, “Kia & Cosmos” is his first feature film.


Resultado de imagen de kia and cosmos sudipto roy


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