Mother (Tarun Jain) India. Imagineindia 2018

Tarun Jain
India. 2016. 30 min

The film explores how trying circumstances often lead to great
transformation. When the loss of his father, mounting financial troubles and the thought of arranging his daughter’s marriage wear him down, the last straw for him is losing his mother. In the face of
adversity Balaram truly begins to think.


Tarun Jain’s short film Aakhir (At Last), has been screened at over 42 international film festivals. Amma Meri is his second short film as a writer, director and producer. He has been involved in fiction, documentaries, corporates films, television shows & TVC’s over the years.

Having participated in 42 International film festivals for his first short film, Amma Meri is Tarun Jain’s second film as a producer. Tarun Jain has been involved in many projects recently as a producer.


Tarun Jain :

Barsaati (Priya Naresh) Imagineindia 2018

Priya Naresh
India. 2017. 13 min

On a cold night, two men encounter their sleepless thoughts. Familiar fears kindle new words on their faces. The film witnesses them talking, between the noise living in buildings, and the silence of the sky.


Priya Naresh is a Media graduate, who is currently pursuing her Master’s in Sociology from Delhi School of Economics. Before her Masters, she worked with Rough Cut Productions which is Documentary Production house in Delhi. There, she worked on short films for organisations like Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sanghatan, UNDP and UNICEF. She also worked extensively on a documentary on the death penalty in India which won the Asian Cinema Fund in 2015 and is now supported by the Swiss Embassy. Currently, the documentary is in its post-production stage. Barsaati is her first fiction project.

Director’s Statement

Our existence, I believe, is altered depending on the space we inhabit. Space changes our relationship with the universe and how we understand and place ourselves in it. In cities, where this relationship is strained the most, one cannot help but wonder if modernity has taken over everything that we have ever considered essential for our very being. If it has, then is there a way to reconcile with the present and still find beauty in the darkest of times?

The film raises such questions as on a cold winter night, two men sit on a park bench. Their existence lies in the silences between the said and the unsaid, like the existence of the Barsaati lies between the protection of a home and the mysterious vastness of the sky which does not provide any hiding places.


Priya Naresh :


Sergio Pazos (Jury) Imagineindia 2018

He began in the 80s with the theater companies Caritel and CDG. Although he has never stopped working in Galicia, where he is especially popular for his role as Paspallás in the comedy Pratos combined, at the beginning of the 90s he began to appear in different national series. In 1996 he leaps to fame by becoming one of the reporters of the hit show Caiga que caiga, presented by El Gran Wyoming.

He has participated in different feature films, theater plays and even in the reality show La isla de los famosos.

In 2006 he collaborated in the evening magazine of Cuatro, Channel nº4, presented by Boris Izaguirre and Ana García Siñeriz and presenter of the “Gincana Tivi Show” program on Aragón Televisión.

Juan Echanove (Jury) Imagineindia 2018

He studied law and entered the School of Dramatic Arts in Madrid. In 1986 he participated in the film Time of Silence, where he became known, and as a result of that he obtained the role of Cosme in the series Turno de oficio, in which he achieved certain notoriety.

Thanks to his success, he was called to an important number of films, including Divinas palabras (1987), for which he won the Goya Award for the best male performance of the cast. In this title they followed Bajar al moro, A solas contigo or La noche más larga. In television he starred in 1991 today’s Girls, with which he got a Silver Frames.

Two years later, in 1993, he enjoyed his greatest professional success to head the cast of Madregilda (Francisco Regueiro), where he played a Francisco Franco self-conscious and weak. For this work, Juan Echanove won the Silver Concha for the best actor in the San Sebastian Film Festival, the Goya Award for the best male protagonist, the Sant Jordi Award for the best actor as well as the Ondas Award and a candidacy for the Fotogramas de Silver that lost against Javier Bardem. His intervention that same year in My brother of the soul (Mariano Barroso) was settled with another nomination to the Goya Awards.

Two years later, together with José Luis García Sánchez and Juan Luis Galiardo, he started a film series about deep Spain composed of the following titles: Sighs of Spain (1995), There is always a way to the right (1997) and Goodbye with the heart (2000). Between the filming of each film, Echanove participated in films such as La flor de mi secreto (Pedro Almodóvar, 1995), His eyes closed and the world continues to walk (Jaime Chávarri, 1997) or Los años barbaros (Fernando Colomo, 1998). In the first of them he played a journalist capable of reviving a writer whose marriage had failed. In the second, a Falangist eager to imprison some escaped prisoners, played by Ernesto Alterio and Jordi Mollá.

Andrés de la Torre (Jurado) Imagineindia 2018

Andres de la Torre is an award-winning composer, editor and sound designer.

Born and raised in Madrid, Andres started his career as a video editor in one of the leading production companies in Spain, MediaPro. His true passion, though, was always to compose music for film. His first feature as a composer, “Going Nuts” (2006), had a theatrical release and was the first film in the world to feature peanuts as the main characters. The score earned Andres national recognition with the Ateneo Coste Cero Award in 2008 for Best Soundtrack. Shortly after, Andres wrote the music for the Spanish-North American co-production “Disney: Through the Looking Glass” (2010), a score that earned him his first Jerry Goldsmith Award after 5 years of consecutive nominations.

In 2010, Andrés moved to Los Angeles to continue his education. He earned a Master’s Degree from Chapman University, CA and soon started working in film production with directors of the stature of Randal Kleiser (Grease) and Terrence Malick (The Tree of Life).

Currently, Andres teaches Sound Design to aspiring filmmakers in Los Angeles as he continues his work as a composer, editor and sound designer. His latest work include the TV drama “Dead Men: The Series” (2015), a new feature adaptation of “Don Quixote of la Mancha” (2014), produced by USC in collaboration with James Franco, and “Defrost” (2017) a Virtual Reality Series, his first time working in the new Dolby Atmos format.