Andrés de la Torre (Jurado) Imagineindia 2018

Andres de la Torre is an award-winning composer, editor and sound designer.

Born and raised in Madrid, Andres started his career as a video editor in one of the leading production companies in Spain, MediaPro. His true passion, though, was always to compose music for film. His first feature as a composer, “Going Nuts” (2006), had a theatrical release and was the first film in the world to feature peanuts as the main characters. The score earned Andres national recognition with the Ateneo Coste Cero Award in 2008 for Best Soundtrack. Shortly after, Andres wrote the music for the Spanish-North American co-production “Disney: Through the Looking Glass” (2010), a score that earned him his first Jerry Goldsmith Award after 5 years of consecutive nominations.

In 2010, Andrés moved to Los Angeles to continue his education. He earned a Master’s Degree from Chapman University, CA and soon started working in film production with directors of the stature of Randal Kleiser (Grease) and Terrence Malick (The Tree of Life).

Currently, Andres teaches Sound Design to aspiring filmmakers in Los Angeles as he continues his work as a composer, editor and sound designer. His latest work include the TV drama “Dead Men: The Series” (2015), a new feature adaptation of “Don Quixote of la Mancha” (2014), produced by USC in collaboration with James Franco, and “Defrost” (2017) a Virtual Reality Series, his first time working in the new Dolby Atmos format.