Barsaati (Priya Naresh) Imagineindia 2018

Priya Naresh
India. 2017. 13 min

On a cold night, two men encounter their sleepless thoughts. Familiar fears kindle new words on their faces. The film witnesses them talking, between the noise living in buildings, and the silence of the sky.


Priya Naresh is a Media graduate, who is currently pursuing her Master’s in Sociology from Delhi School of Economics. Before her Masters, she worked with Rough Cut Productions which is Documentary Production house in Delhi. There, she worked on short films for organisations like Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sanghatan, UNDP and UNICEF. She also worked extensively on a documentary on the death penalty in India which won the Asian Cinema Fund in 2015 and is now supported by the Swiss Embassy. Currently, the documentary is in its post-production stage. Barsaati is her first fiction project.

Director’s Statement

Our existence, I believe, is altered depending on the space we inhabit. Space changes our relationship with the universe and how we understand and place ourselves in it. In cities, where this relationship is strained the most, one cannot help but wonder if modernity has taken over everything that we have ever considered essential for our very being. If it has, then is there a way to reconcile with the present and still find beauty in the darkest of times?

The film raises such questions as on a cold winter night, two men sit on a park bench. Their existence lies in the silences between the said and the unsaid, like the existence of the Barsaati lies between the protection of a home and the mysterious vastness of the sky which does not provide any hiding places.


Priya Naresh :