Alfonso Albacete (Jury Imagineindia 2018)

He was born in Murcia in 1963 although he grew up in Madrid since he was 3 years old. Film director and screenwriter.  A great lover of cinema and with clear references such as Quentin Tarantino or Billy Wilder. At the time of accessing the university, he chose to study Information Sciences at the UCM.

From the early works until he makes his first film, he goes through many phases: he is part of the management team under Juan Antonio Bardem in the TVE series Lorca, death of a poet (1987). He also works in audiovisual production for Publicidad en Contrapunto, Madrid (1987-1988). He works on documentary series such as Central America, Chain in Action (1990) (produced by Johns Hopkins University, winner of the Population Institute Award, Best Media Award) in Central America, where he spends three years working for foundations and creating teaching videos .

He is also the director and scriptwriter of the telefilm “The Girl Who Saw the World from Above” (1991), shot in Mexico and Guatemala and produced by the Mac Arthur Foundation. It is worth mentioning his work as a screenwriter for both his own films and for others (Nine Muses by Regina Álvarez). In 1996 he joins David Menkes and Miguel Bardem with whom he founded Frenéticas Movies.