Frodo García Conde (Jury Imagineindia 2018)

Frodo García-Conde was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Currently lives in Madrid. His training covers different artistic disciplines, ranging from painting, illustration and photography to film direction. He studied at the faculty of fine arts in Madrid. At the same time he develops his learning in cinema, in Séptima Ars school, with a camera and lighting course and expands his knowledge in workshops of Jorgen Leth, Patricio Guzmán, Victor Erice and Abbas Kiarostami relevant in his development.

He was founding partner of the producing company Dedo Gordo, in which he develops his role as cinematographer, filming several documentaries, in countries such as Salvador, Guatemala, Israel, Palestine, Senegal, Guinea Bissao. He debuted as a director making short films with Luis Mesonero. His last personal project is shot in the workshop of Abbas Kiarostami and thanks to him he is invited to participate in the tribute that former students give to the director at the 33 th Film Festival of Tehran, Iran.