Sevince (Süheyla Schwenk) Imagineindia 2018

Sevince  (Germany)                                                                                                              Süheyla Schwenk                                                                                                                  2016.  30 min

Peri wants to leave and to be free; she does not just exist for her husband and daughter. It’s not only the Burka creating the borders of her life in the German society, her mind is divided too. She is convinced that she doesn’t have the right to live out the life she wants and worries what will happen to her if her secret is discovered by a her husband who has just made a decision that will throw her life off track.


Süheyla Schwenk was born in Sweden / Göteborg. When she was five, she moved with her family to Turkey, where she grew up. She studied acting in Istanbul and completed with the master degree. Now she lives in Berlin since 2009. Since 2012 she studies directing at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (dffb). She makes movies which are about politics, social and woman rights.



2016/ SEVINCE/ DCP/ 30Min (Toronto International Film Festival 2016, Max Ophüls Preis 2017)                                                                        2015/ MERAL, KIZIM/ DCP/ 22Min (Achtung Berlin 2016 Best short Movie Award, !f Istanbul 3. Audience Award, Max Ophüls Preis 2016, Lausitziale 2016, 45. Lubuskie Filmsummer, World Cinema Amsterdam 2016.)

2014/ PERI GEHT AUS/ DCP/ 7Min

2013/ STEMPEL/ DVD/ 5Min

2012/ DER ANFANG/ DVD/ 2Min

2012/ OPFER/ DVD/ 6Min