Csend és kiáltás (Silence and Cry)

Silence and Cry/Csend és kiáltás
Hungary. 73 min. 1968. Drama.
Director:   MIKLÓS  JANCSÓ
Cast:  Mari Töröcsik, József Madaras, Zoltán Latinovits.

Venue :  Spanish Film Institute
28 may Thursday.  20.00

Silence and Cry is set after the fall of the short-lived Hungarian Soviet Republic of 1919. A young Red soldier, fleeing the anti-Communist manhunt, takes refuge at the isolated farm of a peasant family. His reluctant hosts are already under police scrutiny for being political suspects.
The local White commander is aware of the soldier’s presence but, for personal reasons, keeps it a secret. The soldier discovers that the farmer is being poisoned, slowly, by his wife and her sister. As a personal war is waging within his own consciousness over morality and self-preservation, Istvan must decide whether to remain silent about the women’s devious secret and preserve his own life, or to report their heinous crime to the Royal Gendarme, which would also mean certain death for him.