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Zumiriki (Oskar Alegría) Spain

Oskar Alegría
Spain. 2019. 122 min

Is it possible to travel twice to the same memory? The filmmaker
built a cabin on an isolated river bank, just opposite his childhood island, which had disappeared under the water after the
construction of a dam. The goal was to go back to that place,
which had become invisible. Only the trees of the island where
he’d played stood firm in the middle of the water, like the masts
of a broken toy, so the air was the only space left, the only vestige of the past to be conquered.

AN ATTIC OVER THE RIVER. A memory-shaped hut built of birch planks and balanced on columns of iroko wood like a house on stilts in flight over the shoreside waters. The architecture of a piece of nonsense. Set on the island of childhood, on the most inaccessible river bank, just opposite the great submerged poplar tree. The cabin was transported by water and along a narrow footpath that is only accessible on foot, and it took five months to build. It was camouflaged with branches, heather, hawthorn, brambles and moss from the island, which helped it blend into the landscape.


Oskar Alegría

Punto de Vista International Film Festival artistic director from 2013 to 2016 in Pamplona-Navarra. His first film Emak Bakia baita (the search for the house in the Basque coast where Man Ray shot his Emak Bakia film) was shown in BAFICI, Edimburgh, Telluride, San Sebastian, Shangài, Yamagata, DocLisboa, San Francisco and Denver Film Festivals, has been translated into 16 languages and won 17 awards.


The Search for Emak Bakia (2012)


My father used to film the traditions and landscapes of his small village. One day I noticed he also used to film the plants and birds that were disappearing and at the same time and at the same time he noted down the words for them in old Basque. Then I learned that if words die, birds and plants also vanish. So filming was a way to save our ancient world.


“We knew that a painter could say it all by painting one single flower. Now we know that a filmmaker can tell it all by filming one single cloud.“
Isaki Lacuesta

“Bold and masterful. This film shows us that cinema is the home of childhood.” Ignacio Agüero

“This movie is unlike any other; like a Robinson Crusoe of memory.” Eric Pauwels

“A feast for the soul, an anthropology of time, a masterpiece.” Alan Berliner




Rituparna Sengupta, the Queen of Tollywood at Imagineindia

This damsel is Tollywood’s numero uno actress. This maiden has already created her signature in Bollywood. This woman is an entrepreneur who has to her credit a spate of successful television software and feature films. This dancer has mesmerised audience in India and abroad with her innovative choreographic ensembles. This lady is a silent support to a large number of charitable and social organizations in Bengal. She is all rolled into one name…..Rituparna Sengupta,the heartthrob of Bengali Filmdom.

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The Single Tumbler (Sivamohan Sumathy) Srilanka

The Single Tumbler
Sivamohan Sumathy
Srilanka. 2020. 74 min

The war between the Sri Lankan armed forces and the Tamil separatist group, Tigers is over. Lalitha returns to Sri Lanka, to the family she left behind in a time of great turbulence. Memories are hard and bitter. Why does mother cling to the single tumbler? Did Fatima curse them, when the Muslims were evicted by the militants? Why did Jude the brother disappear? What secrets do Jessie and Anthony hide? The Single Tumbler is a recuperation of life lived in pain and betrayal, seeking reconciliation, affirmation and hope.

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Chitrangada Satarupa, Jury Member at Imagineindia 2021

Born and brought up in a family of academicians and artists the inclination towards arts happened at a very early age. Association with theatre happened since 2010 from her hometown Calcutta with the eminent Bengali theatrician Bratya Basu. After moving to Bombay in 2013 got actively involved with many theatre productions directed by the stalwarts Manav Kaul, Makarand Deshpande and many more.
The first appearance on the national platform happened with stories by Rabindranath Tagore directed by Anurag Basu, as the protagonist of one of the episodes.

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The Flute (Hari Viswanath) India. Official Section

The Flute
Hari Viswanath
India. 2020. 106 min

The story of 8 years old boy along his mom and grandfather, who found what is running in his blood, gets inspired and struggle to excel like his father who lives abroad. But the truth is Like son, Like father!!


An International Award winning director, his debut film “Radio Set” won the Best Film Audience award at Busan International Film Festival 2015, South Korea and Won 2 more awards and 12 official Selections in International festivals. His Short film “Monitor” was also selected in Indian Panorama Section at IFFI Goa 2018. He also served as the Jury member of Indian Panorama section of International Film Festival of India 2017, Goa. Bansuri is his second feature film.


This is the film, shows how a same material Bamboo, has influenced the life of three generations of people, an old man with walking stick, a watchman with bamboo lathi and a small boy with a bamboo flute.



Hari Viswanath : harrytoonz@gmail.com

Wind (Dadren Wanggyal) China

Dadren Wanggyal
China. 2020. 97 min

Gelak is an illegitimate child, living with her mom Samdan alone in a distant Tibetan village, where women are not allowed to join the Sang Offering to the Sacred Mountain. Samdan has always relied on men for a living, and Gelak has been treated as a vicious witch by the villagers. Fed up with the prejudice she has to face growing up, Gelak decides to challenge the traditions and fight for herself.

Based on the award-winning novel by the famous Tibetan author A Lai, Wind unfolds an authentic painting of the astonishing landscape and the ethnic culture in Tibet, enpowering women on the plateau.


Born in Songpan, Sichuan, Dadren WANGGYAL holds a degree in Film and TV Production from the Communication University of China, and a postgraduate degree in Photography from the Beijing Film Academy. Dadren has 6 years of experience as press TV cameraman, and is the first Tibetan director who enters documentary projects in CCTV.

His documentary Little Monks Spring Festival was nominated as the Best Documentary at The 9th FIRST Film Festival.

Wind is Dadren Wanggyal’s first feature film.



Miranda Liu : liu.qianmeng@hishow.net

Mandi (Shyam Benegal)

Shyam Benegal
India. 1983. 160 min
Cast : Shabana Azmi, Smita Patil, Naseeruddin Shah

This classic film is based on a classic Urdu short story ‘Aanandi’ by Pakistani writer Ghulam Abbas. It deals with a brothel at the heart of a city, in an area that some politicians want for its prime locality. They rally up against the brothel and its inhabitants in the name of morality, and soon everyone in the area jumps on the bandwagon. The politicians offer to put up an alternative residence for the prostitutes, only this place is miles away, isolated from the city. The madam of the house has no choice but to comply, but by the end things take a (logical) turn for the better. After all, men will be men.

In her words (Annie Zaidi)

In her words
Annie Zaidi
India.  2015.  42 min.

The Film traces the historical and social journeys of Indian women’s lives as revealed through the literature they created in every era. The story of how women lived, and their march towards freedom and self-definition was not officially documented. However, through the verses of nuns, bhakti devotee rebels, folk songs, verses written by courtesans, amateur anthropologists, the memoirs of activists, and modern literature, we witness the oppressions and aspirations of Indian womanhood over two millenia. The film traces these changes through the translators, publishers, historians, and contemporary writers and readers who are pushing towards a more gender equal society.