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I Never Left You Alone (Mireia Noguera) Spain

I Never Left You Alone
Mireia Noguera
Spain. 2019. 17 min

Claudia, a teenager who has always felt a strange rejection for her mother, accompanies her to clean an old family house where they used to spend the summer. Once there, Claudia encounters the ghosts of her past and is forced to confront the truth from which she has been escaping all her life.

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Sagar Desai, winner of Best Music at Imagineindia 2020 for Kadakh

Sagar Desai is a prolific international musician based in Mumbai, India. He has composed music for 18 Indian, French and American films. A self-taught musician, Sagar grew up jamming with his cousins in the suburbs of Chicago. After earning a degree in Architecture from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne, he began his career at a design firm to further his interest in the visual arts. Two years later, he moved to Chennai, to help a friend produce an album which never got made. Sagar was led to musician Sandeep Chowta while working on ad films. After two years in Chennai, he moved to Mumbai, to work in the Hindi Film Industry. In Mumbai, Sagar worked with artists such as Pritam, Vishal-Shekhar, Sivamani and Adesh Shrivastav. He also formed a band with friend and rapper Blaaze, called Zambezi Funk, before striking out on his own as the Music Director for the critically acclaimed film Mixed-Doubles. Since then, Sagar has composed tracks and background music for 17 films. Most recently, Sagar has composed the background score to The Japanese Wife by Aparna Sen, A Death In The Gunj by Sen Sharma and Kadakh by Rajat Kapoor. Two time winner for Best Music at Imagineindia International Film Festival Madrid.

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Williams is known for his textured, fluid camerawork (often handheld) and a heightened attention to available light. The New Yorker film critic Richard Brody described Williams (in a memorial appraisal of documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles, for whom Williams served extensively as cameraman) as “the cinematographer for many of the best and most significant independent films of the past decade, fiction and documentary — including FrownlandYeastFake It So RealThe Color WheelYoung Bodies Heal QuicklyListen Up Philip, the Safdie brothers‘ … Heaven Knows What, and Alex Ross Perry‘s new [as of 2015] feature Queen of Earth.”


Konstantin Esadze, nominated Best DOP for Shindisi at Imagineindia 2020

Born in Georgia, grown up in filmmakers family. Konstantin is one of the best DOP in Georgia.

1989-94 Tbilisi State university, Faculty of Georgian philology
1994-98 Tbilisi State Institute of Theatre and Film – Faculty of Film and TV Cameraman.
1999-2001 Tbilisi State Institute Of Theatre and Film – Faculty of Hight Director Courses.

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Molly Stuart, nominated to Best Documentary at Imagineindia 2020 for Objector

Molly is a director, producer, and editor based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Molly was a 2018 Women Peace and Security Fellow and 2019 Resident with SFFILM. While earning an MFA in Cinema at San Francisco State University, Molly won the Bill Nichols Excellence in Cinema Award, the Canon Best in Show Award, the Spotlight on Women in Film Award, and the Barbara Hammer Award. Her first feature documentary, Objector, won awards at Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival and St. Louis International Film Festival and landed in the Top 10 Audience Favorites at IDFA. Molly came to filmmaking as a community organizer and continues that work today.

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The Hive (Eylem Kaftan) Turkey. Official Section

The Hive
Eylem Kaftan
Turkey.  2019.  93 min

Before she dies, Ayşe’s mother tells her that she will leave Ayşe her much loved bee hives to manage. Ayşe’s modern life has moved her away from the mountains of her childhood – a life in which the bees and their honey were central.

THE HIVE is inspired by a character I met, while shooting a documentary series I was directing about ‘urban farmers’.  The beekeeper I met in Northeastern Turkey was an impressive woman who lived in the West for several years and then returned to her hometown to take charge of the bee hive of her family. The stories she  told me about her struggle with bears pulled me into her world like a powerful magnet. I felt an urge to make this film.


Born in Turkey, Eylem Kaftan completed a B.A. in Philosophy at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul.  She then continued a Masters program at İstanbul Bilgi University in Cinema and TV.  She completed another Masters program in film and video at York University. Her first documentary, Faultlines, investigates the aftermath of the earthquake which hit Turkey in 1999. It won Best Short Film and the Jury Prize at the Planet Indie Film Festival in Toronto in 2002. Kaftan then wrote and directed Vendetta Song (2005) produced in co-production with the National Film Board of Canada.  This documentary about her personal journey into the honour-killing of her aunt in a small village in Turkey was broadcast on Vision TV and Télé-Québec in Canada and has received several awards including CIDA Prize for Best Canadian Documentary on International Development at Hot Docs; the Quebec Film Critics Association Award for Best Medium Length Documentary; Best Documentary, Calgary International film festival. The film also won the 3rd prize at the International Women’s film festival in Torino, Italy.

The Hive (Eylem Kaftan)  Turkey
The Hive (Eylem Kaftan)  Turkey
The Hive (Eylem Kaftan)  Turkey




Eylem Kaftan :    eylemkaftan21@gmail.com

Mandi (Shyam Benegal)

Shyam Benegal
India. 1983. 160 min
Cast : Shabana Azmi, Smita Patil, Naseeruddin Shah

This classic film is based on a classic Urdu short story ‘Aanandi’ by Pakistani writer Ghulam Abbas. It deals with a brothel at the heart of a city, in an area that some politicians want for its prime locality. They rally up against the brothel and its inhabitants in the name of morality, and soon everyone in the area jumps on the bandwagon. The politicians offer to put up an alternative residence for the prostitutes, only this place is miles away, isolated from the city. The madam of the house has no choice but to comply, but by the end things take a (logical) turn for the better. After all, men will be men.

In her words (Annie Zaidi)

In her words
Annie Zaidi
India.  2015.  42 min.

The Film traces the historical and social journeys of Indian women’s lives as revealed through the literature they created in every era. The story of how women lived, and their march towards freedom and self-definition was not officially documented. However, through the verses of nuns, bhakti devotee rebels, folk songs, verses written by courtesans, amateur anthropologists, the memoirs of activists, and modern literature, we witness the oppressions and aspirations of Indian womanhood over two millenia. The film traces these changes through the translators, publishers, historians, and contemporary writers and readers who are pushing towards a more gender equal society.