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Lyalin,s Home (Oksana Degtyaryova) Russia

Lyalin,s Home
Oksana Degtyaryova
Russia. 2020. 48 min

Olga Alexandrovna was an easy-going person. She was beautiful, lively, never wanted much from life but never missed what was coming her way. She was on good terms with everybody: her husband, her son, her lovers… It was only with her daughter Lena that her relationship was complicated. Lialia had a theory that infidelity served to strengthen marriage ties. Once a schoolmate dropped in to see her son. He attracted Lialia’s attention and shortly they became intimate. Their relationship could have gone on and on but once Lialia caught her young lover with her own daughter.

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Kanya (Apoorva Satish) India, Czechia

Apoorva Satish
India, Czechia. 2020. 15 min

Kanya intimately explores the inner dissonance of an adolescent girl who is experiencing puberty in a traditional Indian family. Kanya is a successful swimming champion with a promising career in sports. Her world collapses when she gets her first period and her family demands that she accepts the traditional status of a woman. Kanya‘s natural maturing along with her physical and psychological transformation are neglected by her close ones who also curb her freedom. On the outside, Kanya yields to all the demands and accepts her fate without objecting. However, she experiences deep trauma within. Kanya‘s inner disharmony escalates, leading her to finally muster the courage to revolt against the system that clearly defines and sets the standards of the conventional status of a woman.

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Gujiga (Sunjha Kim) S.Korea, Germany

GUJIGA- Ode to the Turtle
Sunjha Kim
S.Korea/ Germany. 2019. 19 min

A film by Sunjha Kim with Rikisaburo Sato (Cinematography) and Minhee Park (Music), based on a shamanic song “GUJIGA”, myths, symbols and glimpses into the natural phenomena of turtles are interwoven throughout this film, revealing violent human interventions into the life of this reptile. This film is an ode to the turtle and a reminder of the connection between animals and humans.

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Topanga (Aycil Yeltan) Turkey

Aycil Yeltan
Turkey.  2019.  15 min

Hearing impaired, homeless Gala escapes from a man who continuously abuses her.
While her life becomes a routine in an abandoned old truck on a mountain road, she has no clue how the abusive man finds out where her hiding place is.
One night, after a brutal attack, she finds the strength to stand up one last time and starts walking. She has no clue where this survival walk will end up and change her life!

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I Never Left You Alone (Mireia Noguera) Spain

I Never Left You Alone
Mireia Noguera
Spain. 2019. 17 min

Claudia, a teenager who has always felt a strange rejection for her mother, accompanies her to clean an old family house where they used to spend the summer. Once there, Claudia encounters the ghosts of her past and is forced to confront the truth from which she has been escaping all her life.

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Molly Stuart, nominated to Best Documentary at Imagineindia 2020 for Objector

Molly is a director, producer, and editor based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Molly was a 2018 Women Peace and Security Fellow and 2019 Resident with SFFILM. While earning an MFA in Cinema at San Francisco State University, Molly won the Bill Nichols Excellence in Cinema Award, the Canon Best in Show Award, the Spotlight on Women in Film Award, and the Barbara Hammer Award. Her first feature documentary, Objector, won awards at Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival and St. Louis International Film Festival and landed in the Top 10 Audience Favorites at IDFA. Molly came to filmmaking as a community organizer and continues that work today.

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Rohena Gera, nominated Best Script for Sir at Imagineindia 2020

Rohena Gera studied at Stanford University and Sarah Lawrence College. She works as a scriptwriter for Indian cinema. She also engages in non-profit campaigns to defend peace and equality.

In 2003, Rohena Gera made her screenwriting debut for the first season of the Indian comedy-drama television series Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin on Sony Entertainment Television.

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Marija Kavtaradze, nominated Best Script for Summer Survivors at Imagineindia 2020

Born in 1991, film director and scriptwriter Marija Kavtaradzė graduated from Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Film Directing studies in 2014. One of her latest short fiction film I’mTwenty Something, 2014 won best student film at Lithuanian Film Academy Awards Silver Crane 2015. Marija Kavtaradzė also co-written the feature film The Saint dir. Andrius Blazevicius, that M-Films also produced, which was premiered at Busan IFF and Warsaw ISFF in 2016, later on had a theatrical release in Lithuania in 2017, with the box office of more than 250 000 Eur. Considered to be one of the most talented upcoming filmmakers in Lithuania,
Marija Kavtaradze was granted support from Lithuanian Film Centre for her debut feature film Summer Survivors.

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