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Second Chance (Marija Dzidzeva) Macedonia. Official Section

Second Chance
Marija Dzidzeva
Macedonia. 2019. 79 min

Macedonia, 2001. The interethnic conflict is on the edge of a Civil War. Violence has infected every pore of life. Regardless of their nationality or social status, all people share the fear of a hopeless future.”Second Chance” follows the stories of three women, need to respond to the many challenges of that terrible time. Sandra, Angelina and Eleonora living in the same building. Each one of these women struggles to find meaning in their existence, in the absurd and meaningless times, and surrounding. And each one of them faces her own personal demons, and struggles to preserve her humanity.

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Sonsi (Savita Singh) India

Savita Singh
India. 2019. 26 min

Every morning, eight-year-old Nadi wanders somewhere between the conscious and the unconscious, to meet her dream-etched Shadow Bird. A second character unfailingly follows—the mysterious Timekeeper, who has a clock fitted inside his heart. But one morning neither Shadow Bird nor Timekeeper arrive, and Nadi ventures alone into the deep, mysterious woods in search of them.

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As I Want (Samaher Alqadi) Egypt, France. Official Section

As I want
Samaher Alqadi
Egypt, France. 2021. 88 min

Cairo, January 25, 2013. A string of severe sexual assaults takes place in Tahrir Square on the day of the second anniversary of the revolution. In response, a huge crowd of enraged women surges onto the streets. Samaher Alqadi joins them, taking her camera with her as protection but also to document the protests of a burgeoning women’s rebellion. She has no idea where the story will take her. Samaher’s filming coincides with her falling pregnant, and this prompts her to consider her childhood in Palestine and what it means to be a woman and a mother.

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An Unfairy Tale (Leena Manimekalai) India

An Unfairy Tale
Leena Manimekalai
India. 2019. 90 min

India is a land of Subaltern deities. Each deity has an unique legend and these legends are often interwoven with socio-historic tropes of India.

Puthirai Vannaar is an ‘unseeable’ Dalit caste group, in southern India. Their forced-occupation is to wash clothes of other Dalits, the dead and the menstruating women. This film is a tale about a young girl who grew up in Puthirai vannaar caste group and how she came to be immortalised as their local deity, Maadathy.

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The Girl with Red Ribbon (Franziska Schönenberger / Jayakrishnan Subramanian) India, Germany

The Girl with Red Ribbon
Franziska Schönenberger/ Jaya Subramanian
India, Germany. 2020. 19 min

Constantly poked fun at by her classmates because of her unruly hair, Viru wants nothing more than the beautiful set of red ribbons her best friend Bhanu wears on her hair, something her own mother cannot afford. Even though Bhanu regularly prays for her in the temple, Viru is riddled with envy. When an unexpected red stain on her dress makes her the source of even greater ridicule, Viru’s desperation mounts.

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NHA Mila (Denise Fernandes) Portugal, Switzerland

NHA Mila
Denise Fernandes
Portugal / Switzerland. 2020. 18 min

After 14 years away from her homeland, Salomé is forced to return to Cape Verde to see her dying brother. During her stopover at Lisbon airport, Águeda a cleaning lady recognizes Salomé as “Mila”, her childhood friend. Águeda invites Salomé to leave the airport and spend the stopover at her home, with the women of her family. The neighborhood transports her on a spiritual journey, whose destination unfurls a painful bond with her homeland.

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Letter of Foregiveness (Alina Serban) Romania

Letter of Forgiveness
Alina Serban
Romania. 2020. 15 min

In the household of a wealthy Romanian noblewoman in 1855, Maria, a Roma-Gipsy slave, fights to obtain freedom for her son Dinca. Based on a true story of a Roma mother and son whose life changed the course of Romanian history by bringing about the abolition of slavery sooner. Part of a future full-length project, the short film presents a day in the household in which Maria and her son, Dinca, serve as slaves. As important guests arrive for dinner and all the slaves are making preparations, Maria and her son see this day as a chance to take a step to change their fate.

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Radio Silence (Juliana Fanjul) Switzerland, Mexico

Radio Silence
Juliana Fanjul
Switzerland / Mexico. 2020. 78 min

March 2015, due to political pressure and false pretenses, Carmen Aristegui, the main voice of independent journalism in Mexico, is fired with her team from the MVS Radio station. The next day more than 200,000 people demonstrate and sign a petition calling for her return on air and the end of censorship. Despite this exceptional mobilization, the station does not give way.

Who is this woman behind famous Mexican journalist? How did she become a popular figure of resistance and freedom of expression in Mexico? Who are her main enemies? Why is she still alive when dozens of her colleagues have been murdered in recent years and months? Does she find herself trapped in a role she did not want to endorse?

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