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Leber (Shervineh Didaneh) Iran

Shervineh Didaneh
Iran. 2023. 20 min

Yaghma is afflicted by Leber (Leber is a Hereditary optical disease that all children inherit from the mother) and is getting more blurred day by day and she is on the verge of absolute blindness. She hides her disease from her husband because she believes in miracle and her hopes for getting better, but When immigrating to Germany, she realized that she will soon lose her sight and she spent her remaining days in doubt about telling or not telling the truth to her love.

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On Xerxes Throne (Evi Kalogiropoulou) Greece

On Xerxes Throne
Evi Kalogiropoulou
Greece. 2022. 16 min

A dystopian workplace at the Perama shipyard. A ban on physical contact has turned human interaction into otherworldly simulations. The suppression of touch has alienated the workers communication transforming the boatyard into a charged landscape of alienation and repressed sensuality beyond stereotypical heteronormative desires. According to local legend, the Persian King Xerxes watched the overwhelming defeat of his fleet from his throne on the rocky peaks of Mount Egaleo, in today’s Perama.

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Tria (Giulia Grandinetti) Italy

Giulia Grandinetti
Italy. 2022. 17 min

In a dystopian Rome, a law is enforced which doesn’t allow immigrant families to have more than three children. If a fourth is to be expected, he or she must be born, however, one of them must then be killed, giving the females priority for sacrifice. Zoe, Iris and Clio are three sisters, but one of them will soon be killed…

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Yet Another Winter (Kiran Shrestha) Nepal

Yet Another Winter
Kiran Shrestha
Nepal. 2021. 22 min

Hoping her deaf daughter RADHA(5) might be able to hear and speak, YASODHA (25) her faithful mother visits the Shaman in the nearby village. As per ritual, Shaman tells Yasodha to go to the temple located in the heart of the capital city. Following her faith, Yasodha tries to convince her husband and even her neighboring sister but they refuse to accompany her. Hence, she leaves towards the city along with her daughter.
Upon reaching the temple, Yasodha learns about another Mata Temple where she has to lock her daughter until she utters a word. Yasodha follows the ritual and locks Radha inside the temple eagerly waiting for her to speak.

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Wheels on the Bus (Surya Shahi) Nepal

Wheels on the Bus
Surya Shahi
Nepal. 2022. 16 min

After being bullied into making iron wheels for his upper-caste peers, BHYAL (12), a lower caste blacksmith, and his friend LABA (11) are compelled to steal iron from the village to make the wheels. At Bhyal workshops, the boys work through the night and fall asleep. Laba’s father finds his son asleep with Bhyal.
Outraged at this sight, he calls the village religious chief to purify his son. With the entire village gathered, the village chief purifies Laba and passes judgment on Bhyal.

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