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Cru Raw (David Oesch) Switzerland

Cru Raw
David Oesch
Switzerland. 2020. 10 min

Full of hope, diligence and hunger for more, Jeanne, a young chef from a good family, starts her job in a Michelin star restaurant. To rise up in the brutal pecking order, she has to impress her merciless Chef de Cuisine which results in a war of differences in- and outside of the kitchen.


Born 1992 in Thun, Switzerland- he started working in 2012 as a freelance journalist and photographer for local newspapers and continued to do so also for television. Since 2015 he studies filmmaking at the Zurich University of the Arts. In 2019, he released three successful short films and won the Student Visionary Award at Tribeca Film Festival in 2020.
He is now writing his first feature LÜGNER! with co-author Remo Rickenbacher. A genre film about lies as an infectious disease.


We watch in awe as chefs of the highest caliber compete against each other on shows such as Netflix’s Chef’s Table. Cooking is a form of art based on excess. But what happens behind the scenes? Chefs are pushed to their extremes in a pressure cooker of an environment. Where the warmth of heat lamps cast bright lights on the food and shadows fall on the tired faces.



Radio Silence (Juliana Fanjul) Switzerland, Mexico

Radio Silence
Juliana Fanjul
Switzerland / Mexico. 2020. 78 min

March 2015, due to political pressure and false pretenses, Carmen Aristegui, the main voice of independent journalism in Mexico, is fired with her team from the MVS Radio station. The next day more than 200,000 people demonstrate and sign a petition calling for her return on air and the end of censorship. Despite this exceptional mobilization, the station does not give way.

Who is this woman behind famous Mexican journalist? How did she become a popular figure of resistance and freedom of expression in Mexico? Who are her main enemies? Why is she still alive when dozens of her colleagues have been murdered in recent years and months? Does she find herself trapped in a role she did not want to endorse?

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Gloves Off (N. Natour/U. Okpalaoka) USA

Gloves Off
Nadine Natour / Ugonna Okpalaoka
USA. 2020. 15 min

Gloves Off follows the story of a young police officer who suits up and protects her community by day, then laces up and defends her undefeated boxing champion title by night. As she carves her own path in two male-dominated arenas, the film follows the people she fights for most: the residents on her patrol, her Florida hometown, and young boxers just like her.

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The Dependents (Alexandra Orekhova) Russia

The Dependents
Alexandra Orekhova
Russia. 2020. 25 min

A common lonely elderly man Zotov is broke and he has to beg for alms from a wealthy shopkeeper. The shopkeeper, wishing to get rid of the annoying man, advises Zotov to go to his distant relative who is obliged to take care of him since she is going to inherit his house. Zotov is ready to go, but what about his pets?

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Blood and Glory (Satinder Kaur) USA

Blood and Glory
Satinder Kaur
USA. 2020. 12 min

Blood and Glory is a drama about the friendship
between two homeless veterans living on the streets of
LA. Jackie is a dreamer and a hustler who is trying to
get her life back on track. She also takes care of her
battle buddy Rosa, who suffers from debilitating PTSD.
The day that Jackie finally gets a job interview, she
wakes up with a super heavy period. Without money for
pads or tampons, Jackie has to figure out how to get
through the day without letting her blood stain her
clothes or her dignity.

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Zeitnot (Varvara Faer) Russia

Varvara Faer
Russia. 2020. 19 min

This is a story about the way an individual might be killed by a modern city. A Moscow resident Katherine lives in a fast multifunctional lane. She tries to get on time for whatever is possible.  She carries out her everyday duties which are too many in number and of many different kinds. One day, while trying to overcome her regular daily difficulties, Katherine finally finds out their total futility and senselessness.

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Shambala (Artykpay Suyundukov) Kyrgystan (Official Section)

Artykpay Suyundukov
Kyrgystan. 2020. 85 min

Based on the story “White Ship” by Chingiz Aytmatov
On a forest cordon, lost high in the mountains, an old man with an old woman and an old man’s daughter with a husband live with a patriarchal way of life. It is a peculiar model of society-four adults and the fifth is the seven year old grandson of an old man, named Shambala.
In the Kyrgyz language “sham” means “candle”, and “bala” means “a boy”, “a child”. That is, literally “boy candle” or “a boy emitting glow”.
Shambala firmly believes into the ancient fairy tale – the myth about Mother Deer, who saved the last baby of their kinship from its enemies and fed it with her milk.
Despite the fact that over time people have killed Deer, the boy believes and looking forward that someday deer will still return to their edges.
The plot of the film is based on the tragedy occurred from an ancient myth about the Doe, which saved little boy from death and fed her own milk to him to helped him survive.
It is a distinctive parable about crime and punishment. It is a warning, pantheistic feeling of the wildlife, which is perceptible in each tree and each animal.


Artykpay Suyundukov was born in 1947 in Kyrgyz Republic. In 1978 he graduated All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK). After graduation, he worked on the position of film director in the Kyrgyzfilm Film Studio. He had made three feature films and about 15 documentaries. Since 2000, he is a faculty member in the university.

Filmography :

1992  “Mourner”

1987  “The roads met”

1978  “Among people” 

1978-2018 over 15 documentary films


Blindfold (Taras Dron) Ukraine. Official Section

Taras Dron
Ukraine. 2020. 105 min

The war in Eastern Ukraine has ended, and the country is trying to return to regular life. So is Yulia, a 25-year-old professional MMA fighter. She has been waiting a long time for her fiancé Denys to return from the war. He is now presumed dead. Yulia is dealing with the trauma from the loss of her boyfriend. She also feels pressured by the people around her to keep living in endless mourning “for the war hero”. She is young and wants to open a new chapter in her life. She wants to escape from everything old and familiar. That is when Denys’s mother receives a dubious text message saying that her son was found alive and urgently needs money for a surgery that will save his life. They have one night to find the money. Yulia has to decide what she believes and what she really needs.


Ukrainian film director, producer and screenwriter, born in 1980. He studied information security at the Faculty of Automatics of the Lviv Polytechnic National University and film directing at the Lodz Film School. Founder and owner of a film and video production studio and equipment rental, Nord Production. He has worked as a film director, music video director and commercials director in Ukraine, France and Poland. “Blindfold” is his second feature film.

Director’s filmography

2020 Blindfold
2018 DZIDZIO. First time
2016 Black Mountain (short)
2015 Ostap (short doc)
2013 Touch and see (short)



The Scapegoat (Tathagata Ghosh) India

The Scapegoat
Tathagata Ghosh
India. 2020. 25 min

A woman in rural Bengal has to stand up against the deep rooted patriarchy and hate politics to prevent the bigots from causing more atrocities.


 A Berlinale Talents 2021 alumni, Tathagata has always believed in telling stories of people from different social backgrounds. People who do not have a voice of their own. He completed his B.Sc in Mass Communication and Videography from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata and then his post-graduation from Vancouver Film School in Writing for Film and Television.

Tathagata has written for various leading web film magazines as well about cinema and film making. His Bengali detective novel “Senilar Sonket” got published in the 40th Kolkata International Book Fair in February 2016. He has also directed numerous commercials, music videos and written screenplays for several projects.

His last short films “Miss Man” and “Doitto”(The Demon) have travelled to numerous prestigious international film festivals like BFI Flare, Out on Film, Coalition of South Asian Film Festivals (CoSAFF), Tallgrass Film Festival, Cheries-Cheris, Wicked Queer, International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala to name a few and have won several awards. “The Demon” is currently streaming on Disney+Hotstar and Cinemapreneur and “Mangsho”(The Meat) is streaming on MovieSaints.