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Sonsi (Savita Singh) India

Savita Singh
India. 2019. 26 min

Every morning, eight-year-old Nadi wanders somewhere between the conscious and the unconscious, to meet her dream-etched Shadow Bird. A second character unfailingly follows—the mysterious Timekeeper, who has a clock fitted inside his heart. But one morning neither Shadow Bird nor Timekeeper arrive, and Nadi ventures alone into the deep, mysterious woods in search of them.

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Can Neither Stay Here…(Girish Kasaravalli) India. Official Section

Can Neither Stay Here, Nor Journey Beyond
Girish Kasaravalli
India. 2020. 124 min

Set in the India of the 60’s, the film tells the story of the challenges facedby a young boy and a young widow who dream of getting out of their oppressive and suffocating lives. These characters are mirror image of one another while one dreams of moving to the city, the other is dreaming of a better life. Young Naga lives in a country side which is idyllic and serene but on a personal level he is subjected to all kinds of humiliation because of his cast and economic status. Young widow, though belongs to an upper cast, is deprived of all the good things in life because of the tradional practices and rituals. They both are dreaming of a respectable life in another society. Will their search yield result? The contrast and the contradictions in their dreams form the crux of the story.


Girish Kasaravalli has made 15 feature films in a carrier spanning 4 decades. All his films have won awards at national film festivals and international film festivals. 2003 Rotterdam had him director in focus. Retrospective of his films were held in some other festivals.


GHATASHRADDHA (The Ritual 1978)
DWEEPA (The Island 2002)
HASINA (2006)



Coque (Miguel Ángel Faura, Juanma Falcón) Spain

Miguel Ángel Faura, Juanma Falcón
Spain. 2021. 20 min

Coque, an 11-year-old boy, travels to the town where his grandparents live to spend the summer holidays. During those hot days, he will meet Vanessa, the baker’s niece. This encounter will arouse feelings so far unknown to him, which he will have to manage without having the support or understanding of his environment.


Miguel Ángel Faura and Juanma Falcón accumulate decades of experience in the audiovisual industry. Miguel Ángel has produced thirteen feature films, among which are “Enemy”, directed by Denis Villenueve and more recently “Wasp Network” by Olivier Assayas. Juanma has worked as an actor since 2006, taking part in a dozen projects such as “Foodie Love”, “Hay Someone There” or “Red Bracelets”. “Coque” is the first short film that they have written and directed.



The Bonfire (Carlos Saiz) Spain

The Bonfire
Carlos Saiz
Spain. 2020. 19 min

Between the documentary and the fiction, The bonfire is a portrait about life in the neighborhood and its people. It tells the family situation of Lionel, a close friend of the director and who, in one way or another, seems destined for loneliness.


Started experimenting with audiovisual language since the age of 15 with short films with friends and family travel videos. After this, he begins to make experimental video clips and short films until he reaches the EFTI Film Master, where after shooting several pieces he rolls his opera prima, The bonfire.



Sergi and Irina (Miquel Verd, Alex Tejedor) Spain

Sergi and Irina
Miquel Verd, Álex Tejedor
Spain. 2020. 24 min

Raixa, June 21rst 1939. Sergi, the heir of the mansion falls in love with Irina, the mansion overseer’s niece, during the summer solstice party. Second World War previous circumstances force them to separate, but that night they arrange to meet next year, at the same place, at the same time. Will they keep their promise?


In 2007, Àlex is nominated to Max Prizes for “Tape”. In 2011 received 3 Prizes Escénica for “Algú Que Miri Per Mi”. In 2012 released his first short film “Lucifer” at Aguilar de Campoo Shorts Film Festival. He’s professionally worked as actor, director, screenwriter, and composer at many projects.

Miquel Verd is the owner and executive producer of Singular Audiovisual SL, a film and television production company, created in 2001 and located in Mallorca. He has produced and directed all kinds of film and television projects, for regional television IB3 and TVE.



Radical Love
William Kirkley
USA. 2020. 20 min

Radical Love explores the subversive political activism and deep connection of Michael and Eleanora Kennedy, a husband-and-wife legal team who represented a who’s who of the 1960s’ politically subversive class.


WILLIAM A. KIRKLEY is a Los Angeles native who at a young age developed a deep interest in filmmaking, graphic design, and photography. His formative years were spent making documentaries and music videos in Los Angeles and New York.

Kirkley enjoys all facets of filmmaking, including shooting, editing, and incorporating design elements in post-production. Finding the humanity in the story and weaving it together with unique camera work, art direction and direction lends itself to artful and heartwarming stories. His commercial and digital work for clients like Amazon, PetCo, Heineken, Reebok, SOS Children’s Villages, and Chevrolet, has a documentary style and a focus on real people.



Like in Mycono (Alessandro Porzio) Italy

Like in Mycono
Alessandro Porzio
Italy. 2020. 15 min

In a small town in Southern Italy, now inhabited only by elderly citizens, a visionary Mayor has an idea to defeat depopulation: a video to promote his town as a tourist destination, following the Greek example.


Alessandro Porzio is a director and screenwriter. Since 2008 he has directed numerous music videos, commercials (such as LoackerThun) and successful short films. “Rumore Bianco”, nominated for Nastri d’Argento 2013, has won major awards including Best Film at the Mostra del Cinema Italiano in Barcelona and the Jury Award at Bif&st Bari Int. Film Festival. In 2014 he directed “Niente”, with Filippo Gili and Vanessa Scalera, and in 2015 he directed the international project “Mido”: a four dimensional video installation commissioned by Expo 2015. “Mattia sa Volare (Mattia can fly)”(2016) was in competition at Clermont-Ferrand Int. Short Film Festival 2017 and Giffoni Film Festival“Valzer” (2016), co-directed with Giulio Mastromauro, was selected at Tirana Film Festival and Flickers’ Rhode Island Int. Film Festival“Come a Mìcono (Like in Mykono)”(2020), his latest short film, is a world premiere at Alice nella Città within the Mostra del Cinema di Roma.



Broken Frames (Ram Kamal Mukherjee) India

Broken Frames
Ram Kamal Mukherjee
India.  2021.  29 min

Broken Frame is a story of a Kolkata based couple – Moushimi and Amit. While Moushimi is a homemaker, Amit is an IAS officer dealing with a crisis at his work place related to identity of an individual reciting in a nation. They have been married for seven years now and are trying to have a baby for most of their married life. The couple has consulted IVF experts too, but they haven’t had any luck yet.

Amidst their longing for a baby and the rising pressure from the in-laws, Amit feels lost and deviates from his marriage. He gets attracted to another woman, while Moushimi is still doing her best to make the marriage work and trying to conceive as well.

This is a story of marriage and infidelity through the journey of exploring, losing and questioning one’s identity.


Ram Kamal Mukherjee born in North Kolkata. He developed an interest in actress Hema Malini after watching her films.  When his father Jaydeb Mukherjee realized that he had an interest in writing, he encouraged Ram to write a ‘letter to the editor’ on his favourite topic (Hema Malini) to Screen (now Hotstar). The letter, and a subsequent one, was published in the newspaper and led to the start of a career as a freelance journalist in 1995. Mukherjee graduated in Media and Film Studies at the University of Calcutta. After the period working for Screen, he was appointed as the sub editor for The Asian Age in Kolkata in 2001. He was appointed as the official journalist for Kolkata Film Festival. In 2003, he moved to Mumbai, where he became a Senior Correspondent at Stardust magazine.

Ram Kamal Mukherjee is best known for Hema Malini – Diva Unveiled, an unofficial biography which was published in 2005.