Andaja (Tharindu Ramanayaka) Sri Lanka

Tharindu Ramanayaka
Sri Lanka. 2022. 40 min

After the civil war in Sri Lanka, an ex Sinhalese soldier returns home with a Tamil guerrilla woman who was gang raped by him and his mates. The traumatized girl finds different ways to take revenge but things get brutal when she gets pregnant.


Tharindu Ramanayaka, an independent filmmaker, writer and an actor from Colombo, Sri Lanka. Although he is from Sri Lanka, He moved to India to study Drama and Theater for his graduation. From childhood, he had the desire to tell stories to people and this drove him to pursue theater. But soon he realized films were a better medium to express himself. After securing a scholarship, he stayed back in India to pursue Film Direction and Screenplay writing at the reputed Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute. He started watching more films and learning the history of film and started experimenting with the form, especially with surrealistic images. soon realized that he had found ultimate medium to talk about stories that he has always wanted to tell, derived from the folk tales and Buddhist tales from his region.

Tharindu has more than 8 years of experience in the world of films. He has made short films, documentaries and music videos. Some of them are “MANDALA”, “KRIMIKOSH”, “ANDAJA” and “WEEPING ANGEL.” His films have been screened at many film festivals across the world & Won Several Awards too.


The film is based in rural Sri Lanka with the recently finished ethnic war in the backdrop which had started in the early 80s. The Tamil people who were the minority experienced suppression by the Singhalese. In 2009, the war ended after around 25 years, causing huge casualties to both the communities and major destruction of the country’s environment and well being. In 71, Sri Lanka saw the JVP insurrection. In 83, the ethnic war kicked off between the Tamils and the Sinhalese people. In 87-89, there was a second JVP insurrection. In 2004, Tsunami lashed the shores of the eastern coastline, causing massive destruction of lives and property. Quite recently, an explosion rocked a Catholic church on Easter morning claiming the lives of around 300 people.

The people live in uncertainty. They don’t know when it would be their turn to go. Their lives are comparable to those of chickens, who only live till they are chopped down for food. Such continuous acts of disaster, man-made or natural, had broken the people and had traumatized them for life. Their moral beliefs have changed. Continued exposure to violence had turned them violent. This change in mindset has affected the society at large. This story is a depiction of how that violence creeps into the family and destroys it bit by bit, devastating it’s members and their relationships with each other.