Thousand Rupees Biriani (Nasrina Khan) India

Thousand Rupees Biriani
Nasrina Khan
India. 2023. 15 min

Thousand Rupees Biriani is about the pain of a mother which she is going through after the rape of her kid. The film revolves around a Muslim farmer family based in an Indian Village. The family includes Yasmin-the mother, her husband Habib and their 3 children Matin, Amina and Sakina.
The film begins with Yasmin, who is making arrangements for cooking Biriani after waking up in the morning. The cooking costs her a thousand rupees.
After finishing the cooking, Yasmin sends the first serving of the biriani to their neighbour, Abbas.
The narrative of the film slowly unwraps the reason for Yasmin’s strange behavioural pattern post-rape of Sakina, the youngest kid of the family.


Nasrina Khan is an Indian Indie Filmmaker who has directed four short films along with many videos till date.
Her debut short film Sunoyona: The Beautiful Eyes is premiered at Kolkata International Film Festival & awarded at International Film & Entertainment Festival Australia in the category of Best Director in Women Empowerment Film and nominated in Cannes Festival International Du Court Marches sur le thème Du Handicap-2016 whereas her others short films travelled through many International Film Festivals.
Nasrina Khan basically hails from the City of Joy, Kolkata and moved to City of Dreams, Mumbai to pursue her dream to become a film director. She completed her education from Kolkata. She has done her graduation in Science from Calcutta University and her Post Graduations in Media Studies: Film & TV from CU as well as Journalism & Mass Comn. from IGNOU.
She started her direction career as an Assistant Director in TV and then moved to Films. After assisting in films and directing shorts, she is working on scripts for her features currently.


  1. Sunoyona-The Beautiful Eyes (Short, English)
  2. Ekti Ajaana Galpo (Short, Bengali)
  3. Chicken Tehari (Short, Hindi)
  4. Hazaar Rupaye Ki Biryani (Short, Hindi)