Stone Turtle (Woo Ming Jin) Malaysia, Indonesia. Official Section

Stone Turtle
Woo Ming Jin
Malaysia, Indonesia. 2022. 91 min

Zahara, a stateless refugee, lives on a small remote island in Malaysia, where she makes a living selling turtle eggs. One day, Samad, claiming to be a university researcher, visits the island, wanting to employ Zahara to show him around. As the day goes on, Zahara and Samad become entangled in a dangerous dance of duplicity and deception.
Mixing social drama with genre tropes of action, horror, and animation,
Stone Turtle takes us on an emotional journey to the unexpected.


One of the leading voices of the Malaysian New Wave, director Woo Ming Jin’s is the first Malaysian director in history to represent the country in the ‘Big Three’ International Film Festivals: Cannes, Berlin and Venice Film Festival.

Woo’s first film ‘Monday Morning Glory’ (2005) having been selected to Berlin. His second ‘Elephant and the Sea’ (2007) won awards in Torino and Spain. His third film Woman on Fire Looks for Water’ (2009) is
only the second Malaysian feature film ever selected for Venice Orrizonti section, while Tiger Factory (2010) was only the third Malaysian film officially selected for Cannes.


Stone Turtle is a metaphorical journey of a woman seeking justice, both personal and social, amidst systemic oppression. It’s also a preservation of my country’s long-forgotten folklores, told in a mashup of genres.



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