Leber (Shervineh Didaneh) Iran

Shervineh Didaneh
Iran. 2023. 20 min

Yaghma is afflicted by Leber (Leber is a Hereditary optical disease that all children inherit from the mother) and is getting more blurred day by day and she is on the verge of absolute blindness. She hides her disease from her husband because she believes in miracle and her hopes for getting better, but When immigrating to Germany, she realized that she will soon lose her sight and she spent her remaining days in doubt about telling or not telling the truth to her love.


She studied directorship at University with over 14 years of experience in various fields of cinema industry, including first director’s assistant, unit production manager, costume designer and script supervisor, she have greatly benefited from this diverse spectrum of experiences. Based on such rich experiences, she made first official short film.


My main point about making this film is based on an investigation on the Psychological effect of mother’s behavior as primary pedagogy pattern.
But that was not my only goal for making this film.
I think hope is the lost concept of our life. Also, our life, personality and future will be shaped by the decisions we make at the present.
Finally, Yaghma, the lead role of my movie realizes that everyone at some point in their lives has to make a once in a lifetime decision, so she decides to choose honesty, unlike her mother. Choosing this disease by me is due to the particular inheritance type from the mother and the fact that each of us may act like a person we have never fully accepted ,but when it comes to the complicated situations, we may act the same.
However, as I mentioned before I assume only hope could save this family and Yaghma like her parents, is strongly hopeful for finding cure for themselves so that She acts hopefully without any slogan and any words.
She puts her medical records in her suitcase because Germany is hope land for her recovery.