B32 to 44 (Shruthi Sharanyam) India. Official Section

B32 to 44
Shruthi Sharanyam
India. 2023. 110 min

B 32″ to 44″ takes a comprehensive look at the social, cultural and the political relevance of “Breast”, a significant part of female anatomy, in the context of a southern India city, which has yet to embrace the change and the progressive thinking. B 32″ to 44″ revolves around 6 women hailing from different social strata of Kochi, a southern Indian city and how “breast”, a body part, which has been a source of fascination, controversy and symbolism, becomes pivotal in deciding the course of their lives.

The film is a satire on “the perfect body myth” that narrates the overwhelming pressure these women face in their daily lives because of their unmodified bodies and their response to the male-gaze. B is also a philosophical inquiry into how we inhabit “breast” and how “breast” inhabits and uses us. Their stories are interwoven as each character is connected to one another in some common social setting. The story has a positive ending with each character surmounting her trauma, challenging the stereotype and embracing body positivity.


Shruthi Sharanyam is a writer-filmmaker based in Kerala, India. Being a holder of two masters degrees, an MS in Communications (Documentary filmmaking as the elective) and an MBA in CSR, from two prestigious international institutions, Manipal School of Communications and University of Bath, United Kingdom, respectively, Shruthi has over fifteen years’ track record in taking ownership of numerous creative projects from their conceptualisation to successful execution. She is the 1st prize winner of the women’s feature film production scheme (Year 2020-21) instituted by Kerala Government in association with KSFDC. Her debut feature film titled “B – 32 to 44” (under the women empowerment initiative by Kerala Government), which features 6 female characters, talks about body politics. She is also the winner of the prestigious Kerala Kalamandalam Award for the best documentary film (Manu Master – 2021).
She started her career as a trainee program producer with ESPN, Delhi and Assistant Producer at TV Today, Delhi in 2005.


  • B 32″ Muthal 44″ Vare (English title- B 32″ to 44″ – Malayalam – 107 Minutes/2022)- produced by Kerala State Film Development Corporation.
  • Komaram (Malayalam- 10 minutes)-2018 (Bharat Bala Productions) – On Kodungallur Bharani.
  • Itharam (Malayalam- 30 minutes)-2019 (World Music Festival Foundation Production along with Sarvamangala Productions, UAE) – On
  • cross-dressing in Kathakali.
  • Manu Master (Malayalam- 10 minutes)-2020 (Bharat Bala Productions) – On Guru Manu (Abdul Manaf) of Bharatanatyam.
  • Haripriya (Malayalam- 30 minutes/ Under post-production)- 2021 (Sarvamangala Productions, UAE) – On female Kathakali artist Dr. Haripriya.
  • Jananayakan – Captain, Land, People (Malyalam- 10 minutes) – 2021 – A documentary about the Chief Minister of Kerala (as his election campaign film).
  • Mattannur Baani (Malayalam- 30 minutes/ Under production)- 2022 (Sarvamangala Productions, UAE) – On Mattannur Shankarankutty and his school in musical instrument Chenda.
  • Kalam Pattu (Malayalam – 30 Minutes) – 2021-22 (Sarvamangala Productions, UAE) – On the sublime traditional powder art form found in South India.