I am Mehmood (Prataya Saha) India

I am Mehmood
Prataya Saha
India. 2022. 11 min

“Mein, Mehmood” (I am, Mehmood) is a film that is dedicated to the life of hardworking immigrants all over the world. The film traces the life of Mehmood, a simple middle-aged immigrant from the Indian subcontinent who has left immigrated to Middle East to provide a better life for his family.
A tele-caller with a tourism company that is badly hit by the pandemic, Mehmood, struggles to meet monthly sales targets. His inability in speaking the English language limits his ability to converse with potential clients, thus putting his job in jeopardy. Back in a village in his country of origin, his wife waits for him to send across money for their daughter’s education.


Prataya Saha is a multiple award winning independent filmmaker, Tedx performer, theatre director & photographer based out of India and UAE. Prataya’s directorial debut was ‘Anna’s Weekend’ in 2016. Since then, he has made 12 short films with his films selected in 100+ film festivals around the world, winning around 26 awards, including the prestigious New York Asian Film Festival, Oaxaca Film Fest, IFFSA Toronto, VSAFF Vancouver, Cardiff International Film Festival, Chicago South Asian Film Festival, Oscar Qualifying festivals like Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival, Bengaluru International Film Festival, etc.


Growing up in the 90s in India was like being in a potpourri of different cultures. The advent of cable TV brought the entire world to the living room for most people who could afford a TV. Slowly, watching western pop culture, songs, sports and educational programmes largely promulgated in the English language became an integral part of life. Little did I realize then, that this was not so for a huge number of people and the answer lay in the socioeconomic divisions in a still-developing country of the size of a subcontinent.