The Dance of Ali and Zin (Mehmet A. Konar) Turkey

The Dance of Ali and Zin
Mehmet Ali Konar
Turkey. 2021. 78 min

The story is set in a tiny Kurdish village. Isa’s younger brother is murdered and brought back to his hometown. Two weeks after the funeral, his mother Zîn dreams of giving a wedding celebration for her deceased son. This strange idea sparks off a host of contradictory feelings within her, and between her and Isa and family members, who are still reeling from the trauma and grief of losing a brother. The family gradually proceed into a grey area in their relationship. These ordinary people find themselves living in a psychological minefield wrestling on the planes between logic, norms, emotions and irrationality.


He has graduated from The Marmara University Communication Faculty in Istanbul in 2006. He had been worked short-term as an Assistant Director in long metraj Documents and Movies. Konar wrote and directed the feature film COLORLESS DREAM.2018. THE DANCE OF ALI AND MOTHER ZIN is his second feature.