Water Demon (Bikramjit Gupta) India

Water Demon
Bikramjit Gupta
India. 2021. 20 min

Water being scarce, the village women folk cover a long distance to a well in an old fort, to fetch water. One day, near the fort, they find Laajo, a mentally challenged girl, lying semiconscious, with signs of rape and molestation. This was the third such incident.

Tunu, a school girl, while coming home with Amma, her mother, is curious to see a chained-up Laajo. To pacify Tunu’s queries, Amma tells her that Laajo was attacked by a Water Demon, and there’s a spell which can scare the demon away.

Few days later, Amma fell sick. Water at home was over. Tunu left for the well in the fort, to fetch water. On the way she kept chanting the spell in her mind. Gets suspicious about someone behind her, as she entered the fort. She turns around in distress, only to encounter the unknown fear.

Tunu is missing ever since.


I am a film director with over 15 years of experience of making feature films, documentaries, independent films, television commercials, programmes, docudramas, spots, corporate films etc. I write, direct, edit my own films from script to screen.
Over the years, my films have been selected for screening in different film festivals in India and abroad. I have received some prestigious awards for my films. My debut Bengali feature film, Achal (The Stagnant) has been officially selected for screening in Imagine India International Film Festival held in Madrid in 2013. I am a member of the Mumbai Film Writers Association. I have directed the signature film for the prestigious Kolkata International Film Festival 2006-2011.