Bablu Babylon Se (Abhijeet Sarthi) India

Bablu Babylon Se
Abhijeet Sarthi
India. 2021. 40 min

In order to curb inflation, the Authority privatised all the farming and plantation activities thus forbidding the usage of seeds by common people. One of the companies that is a part of the privatisation is Babylon, which is a leading brand in Seedless fruits, fertilizers, electronics, funeral services, clothing, political parties, etc. Bablu a lonely old man working for ‘ goes on an assignment and accidentally encounters a rebel group planning a secret mission against”.


Abhijeet Sarthi hails from the city of Raipur, Chhattisgarh. He has completed his graduation in Computer Science and Engineering. He has done his post graduation in Direction and Screenplay Writing from the prestigious Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute in Kolkata. Abhijeet felt deeply related to cinema since childhood and aspires to be a storyteller, showcasing the creativity and craziness of his mind. Though he is an introvert by nature, his narratives do not shy away from showcasing the weird side of the characters and their stories. For him, cinema is a playground to create something interesting and simultaneously expressing himself and let the audience experience the story along with him.


Bablu Babylon Se emerged after reading a piece of news about a forest getting cut for making a coal mine. It felt absurd that in the mid of increasing global warming, people are cutting the forest. This absurdity is the crux of the story. The absurdity leads to a thought. What if someday plantation and farming get banned. So the aim was to incorporate the absurdity in the script and the final film.

It was important to introduce something as a trivial element and then subverting the audience’s expectation by adding a satirical subtext to that trivial element. I never wanted the film to become preachy with its social message, so as a filmmaker, it was a conscious decision to make the audience experience the film through the lens of its absurd characters, situations, and elements.