Under Another Sky (Adrián López) Spain

Under Another Sky
Adrián López
Spain. 2022. 19 min

Jonas is about to die. He is Sato’s father, a drug addict who is accidentally involved in a crime. Jonas, feeling guilty for so many years of abandonement, turns himself in to the police. Later on, the two confront the tragic event that gave meaning to their lives, changing them forever.


Graduated from ESCAC, he focuses his activity on filmmaking and advertising.
Director of the Second Unit in “El Orfanato”, he has directed numerous short films, including “Oz”, selected at the Gijón International Film Festival and the Malaga Film Festival, and “Cuerno de Hueso”, winner of the award Paul Naschy for Best Short Film at the 2017 Sitges Festival, the 2018 TAC Award (Terror Arreu Catalunya) for Best Horror Short Film produced in Catalonia and the Best Foreign Shortfilm at the 2017 Fantafestival in Rome.