Coming Out… (Naman Gupta) USA

Coming Out with the help of a Time Machine
Naman Gupta
USA. 2021. 15 min

Sid plans to come out to his conservative, community-oriented parents at a local diner. If anything goes wrong, Sid could lose the support of the people who matter to him most. Luckily, he has the power of time travel on his side-and he will do anything in his power to emerge from this encounter unscathed. Coming Out With the help of a Time Machine gives a heartfelt sci-fi twist to tales about family dynamics and acceptance.


Naman Gupta is an award-winning director & writer. Originally from India, now based in Los Angeles. Diverse, inclusive and loves blending fiction with contemporary social issues so that his films can reach a wider audience.

Selected Work:

  • “Coming Out With The Help Of A Time Machine”, a social sci-fi dramedy,
  • “Inconvenient Love”, an interracial comedy pilot.
  • “Groomstick”, a social dramedy, was sold to “Runaway Productions”.
  • “Lilly Riggs”, a neo-noir thriller, was released on Amazon Prime and made its North American TV debut on ShortsTV in 2020.
  • “The Process”, a suspense thriller, will be released on European TV & Flights post covid.


Coming Out With The Help Of A Time Machine started with a Youtube video. A video of a same-sex couple describing their experience of coming out to their Indian parents. It was honest, funny, and emotional. My writing partner, Janki, had shared the video with me with a note saying we should do a coming out story.
However, I did not want to do just another coming out story. So we sat on it, while we worked on other fun projects. Then one day, as I was scribbling a time loop scene set in a diner, it hit me. Having a passion for sci-fi and blending fiction with contemporary social issues, why not tell the coming out story in a new and fresh way… the sci-fi way. Something bold, exciting, and genre- bending. Thus, the idea of Coming Out With The Help Of A Time Machine was born.
As a director, I’m known for my stylized and beautiful visuals. However, the characters and their stories are always the heart of my films. To me, at its core, Coming Out With The Help Of A Time Machine is a story of family and acceptance, with strong LGBTQ+ and sci-fi themes.