Desire (Hansraj Arya) India

Hansraj Arya
India. 2021. 11 min

Desire knows no boundary. It germinates anywhere it wants and can grow into anything. “Chaah” (desire) is about one such desire that grew into 10-year-old Lekhraj’s mind but he doesn’t have the courage to ask his parents – Raju and Geeta. Raju – a laborer – understands this and promises Lekhraj to fulfill any of his desire if he scores well in exam. The result day comes and Lekhraj does get good marks. While Raju is extremely happy, he is wary of Lekhraj’s desire. What will the kid want? And will Raju be able to fulfill his desire as promised? The short film follows a simple predicament of a father struggling to fulfill his son’s desire.


Hansraj Arya is a filmmaker who hails from a small village of Tonk, Rajasthan. He completed his post-graduation in Mathematics from Central University of Rajasthan in 2019. During his college days, he scripted and directed several plays and also performed in theatre. After college, he started participating in several theatres in Jaipur and Delhi. To follow his dream passion of storytelling, Hansraj started his career in film making.
In 2019, he began his career as a script writer and director in a production house in Delhi. Later, he shifted to Mumbai to work with Laughing Colours as a writer. After working on various short films, he has finally made his directorial debut with “Chaah” (desire).