Report (Sarjun KM, Twiinkle Saaj) India

Sarjun KM, Twiinkle Saaj
India. 2022. 20 min

Yashika experiences various versions of herself redoing an incident, over and over again in her head to comprehend what actually transpired. Human complexities are revealed as we see her recount different, subjective, alternative, selfserving, and contradictory versions of the same incident.
But which one is real? It is her journey against the patriarchal society and seeking justice as well as mental peace, her way.


Sarjun KM is an south Indian director who works in Tamil cinema industry. His directorial debut movie Echcharikkai (starring Nayanthara), is a suspense crime thriller and he also did a short film titled ‘Maa‘, it went viral in you tube.
He has currently directed a feature. And a short film in an anthology (Navarasa) for Netflix produced by Mani Ratnam.


Twiinkle Saaj is a writer/actor from Mumbai who has studied at the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York. She has written a feature, developed a show and currently written and produced a short film directed by KM Sarjun (Navarasa on Netflix, Mani Ratnam’s team) shot by Manush Nandan (Gunjan Saxena) . She has been developing two features and has a penchant for English Literature since her Drama days in school.
She is also the face of various ad film brands like Parachute, Enamour, Malabar gold etc. She is now foraying into Cinema after her stage debut in New York.


Having studied human psychology, I was always interested in the intricacies of human relationships. The power of an honest conversation is truly underrated. For sure, the times have changed.! Sometimes we learn so much if we pay attention and indulge in meaningful conversations.
I have somehow experienced more support from strangers than friends. Maybe all we need to do is talk. Some experiences even if they’re just 30 minutes long have the power of changing your thoughts and hence your life. After all they say you’re one decision away from living your dream life. Maybe it’s all about experiences that alter the course of our decision making process. Let’s breathe, observe and of course talk!
Conversations can have the power of making life altering decisions!