Receipt (Anuraag Pati) India. Official Section

Anuraag Pati
India. 2022. 90 min

Soma has been married to Sunanda a couple of years back. Sunanda has to stay near Palamo in Bihar due to work. Hence Soma stays in Bihar now and has a family there, getting all the luxuries that are required. Even today, she waits every moment for a letter from her beloved, Bedey Da. She is still waiting for the answers to her letters. That wait comes to an end when Bedey Da arrives at her bungalow. The two are meeting again after one year. They go back to the days before Soma’s marriage. In the absence of Sunanda, the moments of spending time together all day long become the ultimate achievement of their lives.


After completing his school and college, Anuraag Pati moved to Kolkata to pursue his dream. He worked as a Chief Assistant Director to Sumit Das in”Janbaaz”, Anindya Bikash Dutta in “Kiriti o Kalobromor” and “Nilachole Kiriti”, Arun Roy in “Hiralal” amonogst others. He directed his first short film “The Divine Sex” in 2016 which won Phoenix Film Awards in Melbourne. This was followed by “Dure Kothao”, “The Surprise Gift” and a small tribute to Satyajit Ray “Apu Kajaler Goppo” in 2018 in quick succession. “Apu Kajaler Goppo” won 17 National and International Awards.


  • The devine sex ( 2016 )
  • Apu kajaler goppo ( 2018 )
  • Chorabali ( 2020 )