Estrella (Almudena Verdés) Spain

Almudena Verdés
Spain. 2022. 13 min

After murdering her stepfather, Marina (14) decides to leave home and run away with that responsibility forever, but first she must pick up her stepsister Estrella (6) and hand her over to her mother, who also disappeared some time ago.
Ana’s path of search (the mother) will lead the sisters to meet, confront each other and realize their loneliness in the world.


After finishing her studies in Communication and Cinematography between Spain and the United Kingdom, Almudena works in many areas within Audiovisual production. In 10 years she has worked on nearly 100 projects including feature films, video clips, documentaries, fiction series, advertisements, TV Movies, etc. In 2005 she created her own company with which she began directing and writing documentaries and short films, among which we highlight TRATO and AMPARITO PUERTO and LOSAGUJEROS DE GUSANO. In 2011, she founded Silence Comunicación, mainly aimed at carrying out advertising and visual creation work. She currently works as director of photography, director of advertising spots and screenwriter. She also teaches scriptwriting classes in the audiovisual degree at the UOC.


  • Shorts
  • Trato (2009)
  • Las razones de Elena (2014)
  • Estrella (2020)
  • Documentaries
  • Amparito Puerto y los agujeros de gusano. (2011)
  • Gestión cooperativa. (2013)
  • El front del art (2017)
  • La primera Toga (2021)
  • Street Art (2022)
  • Indestructibles (2022)
  • Amelie et Alain (2011)
  • Feature
  • White Elephant (2022)


It is a simple story, not very convoluted and from my point of view with a lot of respect for the protagonists and antagonists. With a permanent point of strangeness and perplexity, like in the cinema of Aki Kaurismaki or Andrei Zvyagintsev, our characters are human. Despite the fact that they bring out the worst in them, we want to treat them with respect, with a fair and transcendent respect for their own destinies.