Sunpat (Rahul Rawat) India

Rahul Rawat
India. 2021. 25 min

Set in a small village in the beautiful mountains of Uttarakhand, Sunpat is a reflection of a society that seems to have lost past and no future. Twelve-year-old Anuj and his friend Bhartu go on to discover whether the girl Anuj likes pays any heed to him. As they plan out the ways to propose her, it’s through their journey, we see the emotional trauma large part of the villages in Uttarakhand are facing due to the long-prevailing socio-economic migration which has caused desertion in their villages for more than two decades. It’s a story of love and friendship blooming at the time of hopelessness. Threading manifold issues, the story portrays the innocence of friendship, struggles of villages in the mountains, and the undesired uncertainty of life with subtlety.


Rahul Rawat is an Indian film director. He started his career in advertising productions to understand content communication better and worked under renowned ad-film directors. Later, he joined Percept Pictures as a writer/Director in Mumbai. In 2014, he had won an advertising competition for the clothing brand Allen Solly. Later, his interested shifted from advertising to films as he believed films can have life changing impacts on people and found meaningful to pursue. Since then, from Producer to Director, he has worn many different hats in the span of 8 years. Sunpat is his first film as a Writer/Director.


A film from the core of Uttarakhand is a very rare experience as almost no films are made which can present the struggles of people living in the mountains there.