Red Pomegranate (Sharipa Urazbayeva) Kazakhstan

Red Pomegranate
Sharipa Urazbayeva
Kazakhstan. 2021. 113 min

Anar marries Marat and lives with him and his son Adil. Pregnant Anar requires care, as she is anemic and at a high risk of miscarriage. When Marat hastens their move to the countryside, Anar finds herself in unfamiliar surroundings. Then Marat leaves to ask Anar′s father for a job and goes missing. Soon his creditors visit Anar. To make matters worse, Anar learns that Adil was raped. Now she begins a lonely fight to protect Adil. Red Pomegranate is the second feature film directed by Sharifa Urazbayeva, who came into the spotlight with her previous film Mariam (2019). Just like Mariam, Red Pomegranate depicts an independent and strong woman/mother who takes charge of her family during the absence of her irresponsible and incompetent husband and fights social prejudices. Director Sharipa Urazbayeva provides an objective portrait of the reality they face while warmly supporting Anar’s choices and Adil′s growth.


Sharipa Urazbayeva is a Kazakhstani director, scriptwriter and producer.

In 2010, she graduated from the T.Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts with a major in “Film Making” in the studio of the famous Kazakh actor and director B. Kalymbetov. Sharipa Urazbayeva had a difficult but very familiar path for people in the field of cinema art: she began as an assistant director and, as time went on, reached the stage of producing her own full-fledged films.

After graduating from the Academy, Sharipa completed “Higher Courses for Directing” majoring in “Film and TV Making” in the studio of the famous Georgian director Irakli Kvirikadze. Later, in 2013, she interned at Nova University in Lisbon, Portugal.

“Mariyam” made the author famous far beyond her native Kazakhstan. The film was applauded by critics in France, where it was shown to a sold-out crowd at the Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinemas. As a result, Sharipa Urazbayeva won the Grand Prix of the festival.