Broken Frames (Ram Kamal Mukherjee) India

Broken Frames
Ram Kamal Mukherjee
India.  2021.  29 min

Broken Frame is a story of a Kolkata based couple – Moushimi and Amit. While Moushimi is a homemaker, Amit is an IAS officer dealing with a crisis at his work place related to identity of an individual reciting in a nation. They have been married for seven years now and are trying to have a baby for most of their married life. The couple has consulted IVF experts too, but they haven’t had any luck yet.

Amidst their longing for a baby and the rising pressure from the in-laws, Amit feels lost and deviates from his marriage. He gets attracted to another woman, while Moushimi is still doing her best to make the marriage work and trying to conceive as well.

This is a story of marriage and infidelity through the journey of exploring, losing and questioning one’s identity.


Ram Kamal Mukherjee born in North Kolkata. He developed an interest in actress Hema Malini after watching her films.  When his father Jaydeb Mukherjee realized that he had an interest in writing, he encouraged Ram to write a ‘letter to the editor’ on his favourite topic (Hema Malini) to Screen (now Hotstar). The letter, and a subsequent one, was published in the newspaper and led to the start of a career as a freelance journalist in 1995. Mukherjee graduated in Media and Film Studies at the University of Calcutta. After the period working for Screen, he was appointed as the sub editor for The Asian Age in Kolkata in 2001. He was appointed as the official journalist for Kolkata Film Festival. In 2003, he moved to Mumbai, where he became a Senior Correspondent at Stardust magazine.

Ram Kamal Mukherjee is best known for Hema Malini – Diva Unveiled, an unofficial biography which was published in 2005.