Silenced Tree (Faysal Soysal) Turkey. Official Section

Silenced Tree
Faysal Soysal
Turkey. 2020. 118 min

Hayati is a writer whose talent as well married life worsens. He is deeply obsessed with reviving a dried walnut tree at his father’s house. The more he tries to dig into his father’s past and death, the more confused and lost he gets. Finding out about his wife’s affair is a terrible blow, but his seemingly weak character does not allow him to react the way he is expected to. While struggling to get rid of his hellish life, he meets his best friend’s fiancée, who looks so much like his own ex-girlfriend, inspiring him to write again. Surprisingly, the walnut tree starts budding, too. Just as hope flares up inside him, his mother dies and his wife elopes with her lover. He can no longer take it and leaves the town. A couple of days later, the police discovers the burned body of a woman. Hayati is arrested and accused of murder. Though innocent, he pleads guilty.


Faysal Soysal was born in Batman in 1979. He left medical school to focus on poetry and cinema in 2000. Between 2003 and 2007, he finished MA on “Film Directing” in Tehran Art University-Iran and at the same time “New Turkish Literature” at Van Yuzuncuyil University-Turkey. He did 4 short films in Iran, which were awarded at international film festivals. With ‘Dreams of Lost Time’(35mm), he’s become closer to find his own cinematographic language. In 2008, with a scholarship, he attended to the New York Film Academy and directed 4 short films. He has been selected for Talent Campus of Sarajevo Film Festival at 2009. He did his first feature film ‘Crossroads’ in 2013, (Filmed in Turkey and Bosnia) and it got 13 awards from film festivals. He did documentary series for Al Jazire and TRT TV. He used to be voluntary of Doctors Worldwide and produced Africa documentaries about their aid. They have been screened on TRT Documentary Channel in the name Worldwide Stories as 11 episodes. He published books on poetry and cinema. He is the director of International Amity Short Film Festival since two years. He finished his second feature film Silenced Tree as a first co-production of Turkish-Iranian at 2020.


Feature Film Silenced Tree, 2020 Crossroads, 2013 Building of Hope, 2016 Tv-film, Generel Director Documentary Firstly, Songs has been Changed in Istanbul, 2014 Missing Times in Srebrenica-Prijedor, 2015 Worldwide Stories 11 episode, 2014-2015 Mother of Srebrenica 5 episode, 2015 Journey to East-Iranian Kurdish Cultural Life, 26 episode Short Film Forbidden Dream, 2005 Ithaki, 2005 The Day I Became My Mother, 2006 Dreams of Lost Time, 2007 Mizan-sen, 2008 What Time It Is ?, 2008 Music Video İstanbul 2008 İthaca 2008