Reboiras, acción y corazón (Alberte Mera) Spain

Reboiras, acción y corazón
Alberte Mera
Spain. 2020. 61 min

In the early hours of 12 August, Xosé Ramón Reboiras Noia (better known as Moncho Reboiras) was shot dead by the dictator Franco’s Spanish police in Ferrol (Galiza) when he was only twenty-five years old. Very early on, this young man with nationalist convictions had become a leading member of the clandestine Galizan People’s Union (UPG) and was widely recognised as a key figure of the Organisation by broad sectors of Galizan society through his involvement in the defence of Galizan culture, trade unionism and politics.
To mark the 45th anniversary of his assassination, the film ‘Reboiras. Acción y corazón’ [‘Reboiras. With heart and hand’] traces the path of this young Galizan, portrayed from both the human and the political angles. His life and thinking are depicted through interviews with thirty witnesses with whom he shared different periods of his life.


Alberte Mera (Vigo, 1987). Graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Vigo, with a specialty in Script and Audiovisual Direction, and a master’s degree in Communication and Creative Industries from the University of Santiago. He is currently a journalist at Nós Diario. ‘Reboiras. Acción e corazón ‘is his fifth documentary. He directed the short films ‘Camiño da Memoria’ (2011) and ‘Deixádeas Pasar’ (2012) and the feature films ‘Clamor da Terra’ (2012) and ‘Lume Novo’ (2013).



A Monsoon Date (Tanuja Chandra) India

A Monsoon Date
Tanuja Chandra
India. 2018. 20 min

A Monsoon Date is about an eventful, rainy evening when a young woman is on her way to see a young man she is dating. Along the way, she experiences bittersweet moments with a series of strangers, even as a storm brew inside her. Today, she has decided to reveal to the young man a heart-breaking truth about her past. This truth, she knows, is not possible for anybody to understand. And yet, she hopes that he would. With her heart pounding like the torrential rain around her, she holds on to this unreasonable hope.

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Farzandi (Akshay Gouri) India. SRFTI

Akshay Gouri
India. 2020. 29 min

In Kolkata, 25 year-old Aakanksha, a Punjabi girl, shifts back to her father’s house from the house of her husband Saikat – a Bengali, with whom her relationship is not smooth. Aakanksha’s 64 year-old, Dementia-ridden father needs constant care, with whom her relationship is also complex and is not a sweet one. Memories of her mother’s horrid fate at the hands of her father keep haunting her. Aakanksha can’t forget that her mother committed suicide because of regular domestic abuse. It is hard for Aakanksha to reconcile with her father but she feels beholden to the latter. Also, at work, going gets tougher for Aakanksha and she eventually gets fired. Oblivious of Aakanksha’s desideratum, Saikat wants her to come back to his house. Things get even worse for Aakanksha, when she starts seeing blood around her and Aakanksha reaches a despondent state of mind. Her ultimate battle is to be valorous against her grisly past, a perturbing present and a bleak future.


Born on January 26, 1992 in the North-west Indian state, Haryana where his family had migrated years before his birth from Punjab, Pakistan at the time of the partition of India. Akshay Gouri is a Screenwriter and Director who has made 8 short films, both fiction and non-fiction, pertaining to Political issues, Socio-economic realities and their consequences on people dealing with issues around Caste, Gender, Jingoistic Nationalism, Sexual Violence and Patriarchy. He is an alumnus of Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, Kolkata.


Janeu | Fiction | Hindi | 7 minutes | 2015
Nishchesht | Fiction | Hindi | 6 minutes | 2016
Karwat | Non-Fiction | Hindustani | 30 minutes | 2016
Pratikaar | Fiction | Hindi and Haryanvi | 6 minutes | 2016
Adhinayak, Jaya He! | Fiction | Hindustani and Haryanvi | 5 minutes | 2017
Gilaani | Fiction | Haryanvi | 11 minutes | 2017
Taapar | Non-Fiction | Haryanvi | 23 minutes | 2018
Farzandi | Fiction | Punjabi with Hindi, English and Bengali | 30 minutes | 2019


Out of Time (Delphine Montagne) France

Out Of Time
Delphine Montagne
France. 2020. 9 min

This time, Felix is risking a lot. The director summoned his mother and threatened to deny him the access to the establishment. But what could Felix have done? And what kind of establishment is it exactly?


Born in Lyons. Trained in drama arts in Nice and Paris, France. Delphine Montaigne has been a comedian since age 13.
Commercials, documentaries, she has spoken a thousand voices and has incarnated just as many characters. She enjoys the subtle reassurance and tranquillity of backstage and dubbing studios.
She switches universes, from stages, to sets, to mikes, and has always done so. She never stopped working, in other words, never stopped playing.
Encounters and opportunities have progressively drawn new projects. One of which was all about exploring human beings’ relationships dynamics. An obvious focus for an artist.
Her growing interest for strange and fascinating reactions of her peers led to another venture in her life. In 2016 directing movies just happened, or so it seemed.
Since then the actress directed two films many times selected and awarded in international festivals.



Like a Midnight Dream (Sharan Venugopal) India. SRFTI

Like a Midnight Dream
Sharan Venugopal
India. 2020. 37 min

Sudha, an entrepreneur and a mother of a college girl, finds her world turned upside down when a doctor suspects that she might have cancer. Her worries deepen even further when one day she goes through her daughter’s laptop and accidentally finds a nude video of the daughter hidden in it.


Sharan Venugopal is a national award winning filmmaker based in Kerala, India. He is an alumnus of Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata. His short film ‘Sopanam’ has been screened in various international film festivals around the globe and had garnered positive reviews. His diploma film ‘Oru Paathiraa Swapnam Pole’ (Like a Midnight Dream) recieved the national film award for best film on family values. The film was premiered at the 51st International Film Festival of India, Goa, 2021.


Two Sides (Mon Pal) India. SRFTI

Two Sides
Mon Pal
India. 2020. 29 min

Neel is a selfish and lazy lout leeching off of his younger brother who has quietly worked away the past few years for the benefit of their dysfunctional family. Neel’s unfriendly but predictable world however begins to crack when Lal wakes up one morning determined never to get up from his bed again.


Hailing from the prestigious Satyajit Ray Film School, Kolkata, Mon has channelled his passions into Filmmaking. He is a writer, director, editor and script advisor for DigitalClay Animation Studios, Mumbai. When he’s not busy making stuff up as a professional, he teaches filmmaking and video editing at St. Paul’s Institute of Communication Education, Mumbai. His films have been screened in MIFF, Kolkata People’s Film Festival, KIFF, MAMI and his documentary ‘Rain Song’ was selected for CILECT. He was a finalist for Cinerise 2016 Script Lab and awarded the Best Young Film Critic at the 13th Mumbai Film Festival.


Caged Birds (Oliver Rihs) Switzerland, Germany. Official Section

Caged Birds
Oliver Rihs
Switzerland, Germany. 2019. 118 min

For sure a notorious criminal, but also a Robin Hood-like figure, and a Swiss counter-culture icon: Walter Stürm. The man was the king of prison-breaks in the country, managing no less than 8 times to flee Swiss prison between 1974 and 1995, while – strangely enough – maintaining a sense of anarchic humour throughout. One time, fleeing the prison around Easter in 1981, he left a note saying: „Searching for easter eggs, Stürm”.

The prize he paid for his not-to-typical-swiss catch-me-if-you-can-personality were years of solitaire confinement, drawing the attention of the left-wing political scene in Switzerland and Germany. An idealistic lawyer, Barbara Hug, sees her chance to use his popularity to reform a Swiss penal system. In their common fate this drama finds its core.


Oliver Rihs grew up near Lake Zurich in Switzerland, and worked for several years as an advertising graphic designer, care assistant for the elderly and punk rock singer, until he discovered the medium of film for himself. This followed to experimental video art works, documentary TV reports for Swiss television (SF1), music clips and first short films.

Since 1999, Rihs has been living in Berlin, realizing mainly cinema movies as a director. Parallel he founded the Berlin Film Production Company Port-au-Prince Film & Kultur Produktion GmbH in 2007, and accompanied feature film projects as a creative producer and co-writer.

The introduction of the successful cult comedy SCHWARZE SCHAFE (BLACK SHEEP) in Germany, has given Rihs the reputation of one of the most gifted comedy directors in the country.

In Switzerland, he is known primarily through his hit movie ACHTUNG, FERTIG, WK! (ATTENTION, READY, OMMM!)


1999 FREMDE DA DRAUSSEN (short fiction)

2000 RICCARD (Drama / GAFF Productions)

2001 LILIEN (short fiction / arsen film)

2002 BROMBEERCHEN (Feature Film / Fama Film AG)

2006 BLACK SHEEP (Feature Film / OliwoodProductions / Koboi film)

2010 DATING LANZELOT (8-part comedy webisode for the German Telekom)

2011 DATING LANZELOT (feature film version of the webisode for Pro7)

2013 READY, STEADY, OMMM! (Feature Film / 92 Minutes / Zodiac Pictures AG)


  • Award for Best Swiss advertising film director EDI (Spot LOVE / Zurich Film Foundation)
  • Best Short Film Locarno International Film Festival (LILIEN)
  • MDR Director’s Award (SCHWARZE SCHAFE)
  • New German Cinema Price Filmfestival Hof (SCHWARZE SCHAFE)
  • Studio Babelsberg producer price (SCHWARZE SCHAFE)
  • The most successful Swiss Film Prize 2013 Succes Zurich (ACHTUNG, FERTIG, WK!)


Separation of Lovers (Ashokan Moorthy) India. SRFTI

Separation of Lovers
Ashokan Moorthy
India. 2020. 23 min

In a fishing village of southern India, a cyclone devastates the men at sea, claiming hundreds of lives. While the rest of the village mourns their demise, a young woman goes against all odds in belief that her loved one is on his way back to her.


Ashokan Moorthy is a filmmaker who studied direction and screenplay writing at Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata and currently working on his feature film.


Bulbul (Binod Paudel) Nepal

Binod Paudel
Nepal. 2019. 120 min

Ranakala is sustaining her life as a tempo driver based in Kathmandu. She has hidden unfulfilled desires of love and lust within her. It has been six years since her husband went to a gulf country and not sending money and didn’t return back too. This leaves Ranakala the responsibility of her old and paralyzed father-in-law and their daughter.

In the midst of her disappointing life, Chopendra, 29 makes an entry. With time, he gets closer to her by helping her get passengers and making her laugh through his typical dialect and wit. Initially, she refrains herself. However, he makes continuous efforts to win her. Eventually love bubbles from the corner of her heart and they are in a relationship.
However, does Ranakala and Chopendra’s dreams turn out into reality? Will they start a new life together? These secrets, twists, and turns in the story make ‘Bulbul’ unique and engaging.


Binod Paudel was born on 1978 in Kapilbastu,Nepal. He is Nepal based film maker and one of the pioneer of presenting Academic studies in film making in Nepal. He runs a film school as CEO/PRINCIPAL , which is only film college of Nepal that offers bachelor degree in film studies affiliated with Tribhuvan University. The students of this college are creating new wave in Nepal. He has done his Bachelor degree in Film studies from same college and got Master degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the Trinitity saint David University, UK.

He is writer of very critically acclaimed movie ‘SAANGHURO’ that received numerous awards such as National Award/Critics Award and SAARC Film festival best fiction from jury. SAANGHURO was the only movie, broadcasted in UK’s most popular channel – CHANNAL 4. He is honored with best writer of the year by Nepal president – Ram Baran Yadav in 2013 National Award and Critics society of Nepal from the same film.

His first feature film ‘BULBUL’ as a writer and Director released on Feb 15, 2019 in all over Nepal. It collected best responses from audience and Media so far. It is regarded as ‘Top film of the year’ (Nepali year 2077) by many National publications. Many film critics and film scholars regarded ‘BULBUL’ as poetic realism that tells the psychology of present society through intense characters.



Bridge (Kripal Kalita) India

Kripal Kalita
India. 2020. 87 min

The Bridge is a colorful canvas of an unusual struggle and empowerment of a teenage girl residing at the bank of a tributary of the river Brahmaputra.
The mighty river Brahmaputra of India and it’s tributaries every year floods out many villages and ruins their cultivation. Still the people love the river and it’s green valley. Without a small bridge over its tributary how troublesome and hard their lives become only they can feel & understand.
Every year after floods they start a new life again with a great ray of hope and expectations. Through this film an attempt has been made to draw the attention towards the agony of the people losing everything every year & the daily troubles and hindrances faced in the development of the helpless, poor, honest and simple people residing in the interior parts of the green valley.


Kripal Kalita is a film Director, started his career with video production Agnibristi. He has directed 12 Short films and 15 television Serials. He has earned several awards for his films like Red to Black, Megh The Cloud and JAAPI The roof of Assam. Recently Kripal Kalita won Special Mention Award at lnternational Film Festival Of lndia,lFFI-2020. Bridge is his first feature film. He is a graded actor in AIR and a stage director-actor.


Bridge shows the struggles faced by a young girl who never gives up on life despite her poverty stricken condition & the annual disastrous floods ruining everything.