Farzandi (Akshay Gouri) India. SRFTI

Akshay Gouri
India. 2020. 29 min

In Kolkata, 25 year-old Aakanksha, a Punjabi girl, shifts back to her father’s house from the house of her husband Saikat – a Bengali, with whom her relationship is not smooth. Aakanksha’s 64 year-old, Dementia-ridden father needs constant care, with whom her relationship is also complex and is not a sweet one. Memories of her mother’s horrid fate at the hands of her father keep haunting her. Aakanksha can’t forget that her mother committed suicide because of regular domestic abuse. It is hard for Aakanksha to reconcile with her father but she feels beholden to the latter. Also, at work, going gets tougher for Aakanksha and she eventually gets fired. Oblivious of Aakanksha’s desideratum, Saikat wants her to come back to his house. Things get even worse for Aakanksha, when she starts seeing blood around her and Aakanksha reaches a despondent state of mind. Her ultimate battle is to be valorous against her grisly past, a perturbing present and a bleak future.


Born on January 26, 1992 in the North-west Indian state, Haryana where his family had migrated years before his birth from Punjab, Pakistan at the time of the partition of India. Akshay Gouri is a Screenwriter and Director who has made 8 short films, both fiction and non-fiction, pertaining to Political issues, Socio-economic realities and their consequences on people dealing with issues around Caste, Gender, Jingoistic Nationalism, Sexual Violence and Patriarchy. He is an alumnus of Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, Kolkata.


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