Blood and Glory (Satinder Kaur) USA

Blood and Glory
Satinder Kaur
USA. 2020. 12 min

Blood and Glory is a drama about the friendship
between two homeless veterans living on the streets of
LA. Jackie is a dreamer and a hustler who is trying to
get her life back on track. She also takes care of her
battle buddy Rosa, who suffers from debilitating PTSD.
The day that Jackie finally gets a job interview, she
wakes up with a super heavy period. Without money for
pads or tampons, Jackie has to figure out how to get
through the day without letting her blood stain her
clothes or her dignity.

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Zeitnot (Varvara Faer) Russia

Varvara Faer
Russia. 2020. 19 min

This is a story about the way an individual might be killed by a modern city. A Moscow resident Katherine lives in a fast multifunctional lane. She tries to get on time for whatever is possible.  She carries out her everyday duties which are too many in number and of many different kinds. One day, while trying to overcome her regular daily difficulties, Katherine finally finds out their total futility and senselessness.

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Shambala (Artykpay Suyundukov) Kyrgystan (Official Section)

Artykpay Suyundukov
Kyrgystan. 2020. 85 min

Based on the story “White Ship” by Chingiz Aytmatov
On a forest cordon, lost high in the mountains, an old man with an old woman and an old man’s daughter with a husband live with a patriarchal way of life. It is a peculiar model of society-four adults and the fifth is the seven year old grandson of an old man, named Shambala.
In the Kyrgyz language “sham” means “candle”, and “bala” means “a boy”, “a child”. That is, literally “boy candle” or “a boy emitting glow”.
Shambala firmly believes into the ancient fairy tale – the myth about Mother Deer, who saved the last baby of their kinship from its enemies and fed it with her milk.
Despite the fact that over time people have killed Deer, the boy believes and looking forward that someday deer will still return to their edges.
The plot of the film is based on the tragedy occurred from an ancient myth about the Doe, which saved little boy from death and fed her own milk to him to helped him survive.
It is a distinctive parable about crime and punishment. It is a warning, pantheistic feeling of the wildlife, which is perceptible in each tree and each animal.


Artykpay Suyundukov was born in 1947 in Kyrgyz Republic. In 1978 he graduated All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK). After graduation, he worked on the position of film director in the Kyrgyzfilm Film Studio. He had made three feature films and about 15 documentaries. Since 2000, he is a faculty member in the university.

Filmography :

1992  “Mourner”

1987  “The roads met”

1978  “Among people” 

1978-2018 over 15 documentary films