Zeitnot (Varvara Faer) Russia

Varvara Faer
Russia. 2020. 19 min

This is a story about the way an individual might be killed by a modern city. A Moscow resident Katherine lives in a fast multifunctional lane. She tries to get on time for whatever is possible.  She carries out her everyday duties which are too many in number and of many different kinds. One day, while trying to overcome her regular daily difficulties, Katherine finally finds out their total futility and senselessness.


When I entered Russian State Institute of Cinematography (The Department of Direction), the country was too poor to spend any money on such things as movies. Later I found out that government grants for movies are usually given to reliable people offering a serious kickback in return. Meanwhile there was a group of creative independent people — TEATR.DOC. I was among those who started that theater. I am still working there as a director, playwright and actress. The most famous performance of mine is “BerlusPutin”(a political satire based on Dario Fo’s play).


2014 A comma and  Grotto, documentary

2013  The Light of Mine and Others, documentary

2013 One for Whole Life, documentary

2012 The Case of a Tajik Girl and Russian Boy, documentary