The Shaman (Andrey Osipov) Russia

The Shaman
Andrey Osipov
Russia. 2019. 64 min

How did the greatest autocrat of the 20th century, who perpetrated horrible massacres for decades, manage to win the sincere, devoted love of 20 million people and still keep it burning in many hearts today? What is the main secret of Joseph Stalin?


Andrei Osipov was born in 1960 in Kalatan, Kemerovo region. In 1982 graduated from the Odessa Polytechnic Institute, worked as atomic engineer in the Crimea. In 1992-1995 studied at the Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors in Moscow (class of Evgeny Tashkov). The film «Voices» (1997) won the Grand Prix of the festival of non-action cinema “Russia” in Yekaterinburg, the first prize at the competition of student works «St. Anna» (1998) and others. His filmography includes: «Maximilian Voloshin. Voices» (2002), «Hunt for the Angel or Four Loves of the Poet and the Prophet» (2002, «Nika» and «Golden Eagle» awards), «Marina Passion» (2004, «Nika» award), «Legends of the Silver Age» (2005).



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