Lyalin,s Home (Oksana Degtyaryova) Russia

Lyalin,s Home
Oksana Degtyaryova
Russia. 2020. 48 min

Olga Alexandrovna was an easy-going person. She was beautiful, lively, never wanted much from life but never missed what was coming her way. She was on good terms with everybody: her husband, her son, her lovers… It was only with her daughter Lena that her relationship was complicated. Lialia had a theory that infidelity served to strengthen marriage ties. Once a schoolmate dropped in to see her son. He attracted Lialia’s attention and shortly they became intimate. Their relationship could have gone on and on but once Lialia caught her young lover with her own daughter.


Oksana Degtyaryova was born in 1985 in the village of Srednebeloye, Amur region. In 2019 she graduated from VGIK (class of V.I. Khotinenko and V.A. Fenchenko). She shot several films during her studies which were shown at different festivals. Prior to entering the Institute she finished a music and a ballet school, completed her studies at the department of philology at the Samara State University and received a master’s degree in personal management at one of the US universities. Her filmography includes “Close the Door behind Me” (2015, short), “Instruction” (2015), “Talk to Me” (2017), “Scenes by the Sea” (2019).


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