Attack (Roberto Chinet) Spain

Roberto Chinet
Spain. 2020. 20 min

March 11, 2019. A date marked in the life of Manu to avenge, fifteen years later, the death of his father. But it is also a very important day in the life of Monica and her family. Two pieces of life, two stories full of hatred and misunderstanding, that inevitably intersect in a street.


Roberto Chinet, director, screenwriter, editor and producer, is a Canarian filmmaker and audiovisual teacher. Diploma in Directing and Screenplay at C.E.C.C. and postgraduate in post-production. With a lot of experience in the audiovisual sector, he has worked with prestigious directors such as Ton Tywer, Santiago Zannou, Ventura Pons or Isaki Lacuesta. In these years he made 15 short films, highlighting: “Novilunio” (2009), “Estrella” (2014) and “El gigante y la sirena” (2017). As a screenwriter he has developed several feature film projects, two fictions and a documentary. In 2021 he hopes to shoot what will be his first feature film entitled “Monsters”. In 2016 he founded the audiovisual production company NOVILUNIO MUSIC AND FILMS.


The film invites the public to take a trip to the world of Manu, the protagonist, on the 15th anniversary of the death of his father. The day chosen to avenge his death. But also, it invites us to make another journey into an upper-middle-class family, Mónica’s family, a young woman who crosses paths with Manu on a tram. Two scraps of life separated by the social condition of each one, but united by the hatred and misunderstanding with which they coexist, which will inevitably cross that same day to modify their destinies.