Tathagata’s short ‘Miss Man’ creating waves

Being gay is not less than a taboo that many people may assume even today and Tathagata Ghosh directed ‘Miss Man’, a short film addressing the same issue, perfectly sums up what it feels like to be a gay.  After being shunned by his homophobic father for his sexuality and his lover for not being a woman, Manob finds himself travelling to the city for a sex change operation. However, as he struggles with his identity, he faces challenges and questions he may not be ready to confront yet.

After making its successful festival round at the Bangalore Queer Film Festival, Chennai International Queer Film Festival, Indian Film Festival of Cincinnati, Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival and 2nd Pondicherry International Film Festival to name a few, ‘Miss Man’ will now be screened at the 13th DIALOGUES: Kolkata International LGBTQ Film Festival on Sunday (December 1) at Basusree Cinema.

Interestingly, ‘Tritiya Adhyay’ director Manoj Michigan plays the crucial role of Manob’s homophobic father and gives a powerful performance in this short film.  Arghya Adhikary playing Manob can give any talented actor a run for his money.

Speaking about the film’s main theme, Tathagata says ‘Miss Man’ is close to his heart. “This film ‘Miss Man’ is deeply personal as it is based on incidents which have affected me closely as a human being.  Coming out from the closet with one’s actual sexual preference has been a long struggle for many of my friends and even relatives.  I have seen in front of my eyes in what kind of pain they are. They have been looked down upon for loving someone whom they love just because of their sexuality. Though section 377 of the Indian Penal Code which made sexual activities “against the order of nature” illegal , has been done away with by the Supreme Court of India last year, people around are still not open and progressive enough from within.  Thus, many are still closeted in the fear of facing stigma from the society.  It is finally one such tragic incident that happened with one of my friends, that lead me to make this film. I felt the pain and despair within me all along and it is only through making this film that I felt liberated,” explained the director.