Home Sleep Home (Adam Koloman Rybanský) Czech Republic

Home Sleep Home
Adam Koloman Rybanský
Czech Republic.  2018.  23 min

Dealing with strangers is a consistent feature of our lives.  Some people try to avoid interacting with new people whereas there are those who relish the chance of meeting someone new. Home Sleep Home looks at how strangers interact, focusing on two Czechs who are travelling abroad. The pair are strangers to one another.  The film documents the conversation these compatriots have when their paths cross on holiday.  This chance meeting sees the two discuss current concerns about societal polarisation, racism, nationalism, and the rise of right-wing popularism.  These issues are not only confined to Central Europe, but have global relevance and greater poignancy, particularly when talked over by strangers.

Adam Koloman Rybanský

Adam Koloman Rybanský studies master’s degree at the FAMU In Prague.  His bachelor film The Friendly Sport Meeting was nominated for the Magnesia Award for the Best Czech Student Film. He has embarked on a number of international festivals.  He works mainly with non-actors, he is interested in a common people and various forms of racism.



FAMU :    alexandra.hroncova@famu.cz