128 Thousand (Ondrej Erban) Czech Republic

128 Thousand
Ondřej Erban
Czech Republic.  2018.  16 min

Right now almost one in ten Czechs over the age of 15 are facing some form of distraint, under which their property is seized to obtain money they owe.  Every day more and more people are falling into the debt trap, but Karel is on the other side of the barricade – it is his job to collect their debts.

Ondřej Erban

Ondřej Erban (1986) is currently the student of FAMU (Prague, Czech republic). *One Hundred and Twenty-Eight Thousand is the second film he has directed during his FAMU studies. Before entering FAMU Ondřej has gained a master degree in Media studies at Charles University Prague and nowadays is working as a journalist in Česká televize (Czech TV).



FAMU :    alexandra.hroncova@famu.cz