Spring Follows Winter (Liu Junfeng) China

Spring follows Winter
Liu Junfeng
China.  2019.  90 min

An elderly man living in a poor rural village comes across a bag full of cash on the street. He returns the bag to its owner but soon realizes that he’d given the bag to the wrong person. Burdened with guilt and responsibility to find the bag and return it to its rightful owner, he wanders through different villages, looking for the person who took the bag full of money. The old man’s good intentions to help a stranger ends up causing trouble for his family and the people around him. Contrasted with the elderly man’s goodness of heart, the reactions of his family members, the victim, and the perpetrator show how selfish humans can be. The story of this film is based on an actual incident that happened to the director’s grandfather.


LIU Junfeng, born in Handan, Hebei Province, China Graduated from Hebei Normal University, Beijing Film Academy. His short films Secret of Xiaoshan (2015), Love Letter (2017) won awards in China and Cannes film festivals.




Liu Junfeng :    390724413@qq.com