Mullah,s Daughter (Hassan Solhjou, Mahdieh Sadat) Great Britain

Mullah,s Daughter
Hassan Solhjou, Mahdieh Sadat
Great Britain. 2019. 72 min

An Iranian family becomes a miniature representation of Iran, where a conservative mullah tries to control things.  But his defiant daughter has a secret plan.

An unusual and personal story about a Muslim mullah and his family in Iran – filmed by his own daughter, Mahdieh.  She makes a living as a photographer, but due to political restrictions, the government has banned her from working. Her father, the highly conservative mullah, is a radical supporter of the Iranian clergy, but is himself fighting to control his defiant children with their conflicting attitudes and religious beliefs. At the same time, Mahdieh is struggling to keep a secret: she is planning the escape from the country with her boyfriend. But as time goes by,  the family situation grows even more complicated.


Hassan Solhjoo

He is a senior producer at the BBC World Service, a editor and presenter of a film showcase in BBC Persian TV.  He studied cinema in Iran and UK and so far he has made more than 10 films, mainly documentaries. His films include  The Night Season (1991),  Fish Talking (2006),  In Search of a Healer (2007),  The Birds I Dreamed  (2010) and  Throw A Stone into The Water (2011).


Mahdieh Sadat MIRHABIBI, born in 1982, is an Iranian Photographer living in exile. She has been banned from her job as a photographer in Iran and had to flee to Turkey. She is now based in Turkey. She has been covering stories in Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, India through her pictures.  Mullah′s daughter  is her first film.




Hassan Solhjoo :