A silent way (Manju Borah) India

A Silent Way (Ko Yad)
Manju Borah
India.  2012.  90 min

The Poukam is a school dropout, who makes a living collecting driftwood from the river Brahmaputra in a boat that he inherited from his father. He faces many difficulties in life. His father collects wood from the river. The movie picturizes Poukam’s life, starting from his youth to his old age. But hardworking Poukam, was always put into trouble by his own friends, loan-givers and his son. At last, even the river betrayed him.

Ko: Yad – A Silent Way is a 2012 drama film, written, directed and produced by Manju Borah.  The movie is based on Anil Panging’s critically acclaimed novel Ko: Yad, published in the weekly Assamese Xadin. The film portrays the life of ordinary Mishing people through the protagonist, Poukam, struggle to make a living, in a small village by the Brahmaputra, in Assam.

At the 60th National Film Award for 2012, the film won the awards for Best Mishing Film, and Best Cinematography Award.


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Six times with eight National Film Awards ( Rajat Kamal) winner Manju Borah, earlier a short story writer started her film making journey in 1996 with an Assamese film ‘Sapon ‘ . ‘Baibhab’(A Scam in Verse) is her first independent film released in 1999 followed by ’Anya Ek Yatra’ 2001, ‘Akashitorar Kothare’ (A Tale Told Thousands Times) 2003, ‘Laaz’(Shame) 2004,  ‘Joymati the Saviour’ 2006, ‘Aai Kot Nai (MA) 2008, ‘Ko:Yad’ ( A Silent Way) 2012, ‘Dau Huduni Methai’( Song of the Horned Owl) 2015, ‘Sarbagunakar Srimanta Sankardeb’(an animated film) 2016 and In the Land of Poison Women 2018.  All these films either received National Film Awards at different categories or being selected in Indian Panorama at IFFI and also at various International Film Festivals inside the country or abroad.





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