Tara Versus (Ayesha Anna Ninan) India

Tara Versus
Ayesha Anna Ninan
India.  21 min.  2018

Tara, an ambitious but struggling young comedian, loses all sense of humor when she finds out that her best friend has landed a high-profile talent booking job in Delhi. Unable to cope with intense feelings of jealousy and low self-esteem, she jeopardizes the friendship.

Framed by an enchanting performance by Aditi Vasudev (“Devi”), this heartfelt and spirited tale sheds light onto Mumbai’s urban youth and its competitive stand-up scene, where burgeoning ambition, a wavering sense of identity and heightened emotions are no funny matter.



Ayesha Anna Ninan holds a BA from the University of Virginia, and an MFA in Film Production from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Asia. Ayesha has produced and directed short films in Singapore, Vietnam and India. She currently works for a commercial production house in Mumbai, serving as producer and editor on various short format projects across South East Asia.