Written by? (Kankana Chakraborty) India

Written by?
Kankana Chakraborty
India.  15 min.  2018

Story of two writers… two generations. Kamalesh Roy, a writer who has seen his golden days, but has not written anything in the last 10 years. Natasha Sen, an young writer who interns for Kamalesh Roy. The Film takes place on a rainy evening in a span of an hour and a half ( 7:30-9:00 pm). It mainly deals with the question: Who can claim the right to a story? The ‘one who experiences it’ or ‘the one who writes it down?’


La imagen puede contener: Kankana Chakraborty, sentada y texto

Kankana Chakraborty, is born and brought up in Kolkata.She finished her undergraduate in ‘Journalism and Mass communications’ from Shri Shikshayatan College, Kolkata.
On completing her graduation she directed a Docudrama, “WOMEN PRAYED AND PREYED UPON.” It mainly deals with the irony that in a country where we pray to Goddesses then why do we prey upon women?

The docudrama had legends like Shri. Amitabh Bachchan, Shri. Shyam Benegal, Surekha Shikri, Late Reema Lagoo, Harshdeep kaur, Shaan, Joy Sarkar and others. It has won 17 National and International Awards, the last being the WORLD PEACE AWARD.

Kankana then moved to Los Angeles, to finish her Masters in Acting, from New York Film Academy. She graduated in 2015. Since then she is been a working actress in Los Angeles and have been part of several theatre productions as a lead, TV commercials and several Independent Short Films and Web series.