A letter to home (Mukul Haloi) FTII. India

A Letter to Home
Mukul Haloi
India.  25 min.  2018

Glimpses of lives from a village in Assam reveal the relationship between its history and the present. People’s lives and beliefs are entangled with ecological strings, as nature stands witness to the narratives that unfolded there. A young boy, Rahul, hopes to write a book on his experience of growing up in this village. His mother, being deeply connected with nature, can sense messages and signs arising from nature. Urmila, a pregnant lady, is driven by sensorial experiences. But, in contrast to the serenity and harmonious living, there lurks a violent societal past. These peaceful and quiet lives intersect in a space where traumatic memories of death and loss in Assam’s thirty years of secessionist movement keep resurfacing.


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Mukul Haloi is from Nalbari, Assam. He was born in January 1991. He studied Film Direction at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. His short film “Days of Autumn” was appreciated at many festivals, including top prize at International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala, 2017. It was also screened at DIFF 2017. His feature-length documentary “Tales From Our Childhood” had its International Premiere at ARKIPEL-Jakarta, 2018 and Indian premiere at MIFF.